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  1. Yes but in the early 70s. George was leader then.
  2. There is only so much money to round, lots of new options down at Kelham and soon to be a new food hall called Kommune in the old co-op Castle House store.
  3. They just take the whole unit, then break into it elsewhere.
  4. Only time will tell on whether one is better than the other.
  5. If you were thinking of selling and the offer they made was based on an independent agents valuation it could save you a fortune in estate agents sales fees.
  6. Gary Beer has just opened a store on the main road through Chapeltown towards Hesley / Hoyland, it is on the right as you head away from Sheffield.
  7. I think the chairman's statement is just preparing us for some potential big name sales to ensure we balance the books and ensure we can move forward next season. Hopefully we can unload some of the constantly injured players.
  8. Gary Beer has the place in Chapeltown, The other Gary, Gary Salvage /Longdon moved out about 12 months ago.
  9. Hi. Some have given up trading, Gary has a store at Chapeltown and I am trading from the Vintage Collective, Dodworth.
  10. Thing is he hasn't got a sows ear, he has all the parts of a silk purse apart from the stitching, just hope he can pull it together and finish the purse.
  11. Assaulting fans while on a night out is uncommon though.
  12. Don't know if they will allow you to collect direct, but they have a distribution place near Halfords on Queens road.
  13. It made no difference that his dad was goalkeeper coach when he signed and under all the while Carlos was boss.
  14. Watched it today, weird as you would expect but very good.
  15. Car Boot, I'm not sure you are correct in your analysis that the poor decided on the Brexit route, I think you will find it was a mix of the very monetary rich people in society and the people who were influenced by the media into believing the politicians lies. But back on track, my wishes for 2019 would be :- - an an end to lying politicians - fully funded public services - a wage cap for upper managers based on their lowest paid workers - big business paying their fair share of tax - high earners paying their fair share of tax - tax avoidance schemes to be made illegal - tax breaks for people who start new businesses.
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