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  1. It is possible but you have to have good reason for the appeal.. with us it was cos we lived 0.1 miles from the door of the school and yet weren't in catchment. I think CarterKnowle might be one..
  2. smash a window, release handbrake, give it a shove into the road. whoops! oh my goodness look what happened, what a terrible fate to befall your precious car dearest relative of mine who clearly doesn't value the family ties...
  3. Me too! I don't like the new Outlook-look. I didn't want it to change, we were happy together. Its all moved now, and It looks so clinical.
  4. Anyone else tried the hot cider they were sellin in the pubs a while back? I wasn't convinced. Hot whiskey is also wrong. Lemsip is nice; does nowt for a cold though. Tea!
  5. The Old Sweet Shop in Nether Edge http://www.theoldsweetshopsheffield.co.uk/visit-us/ They have proper Sheffield stuff and things (not just paintings and prints). ---------- Post added 12-04-2013 at 23:35 ---------- ... and Wickwire a few doors down sell local crafts and soaps and stuff.
  6. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Death and the Penguin by Andrei Kurkov ..and Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams! 3 of my favourites
  7. Quagga!! They were a sort of Zebra that look like a cut-n-shut horse/zebra creation. Also Pinta Giant Tortoises: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-18574279
  8. Anyone heard of it or used it or any other car sharing sites? http://www.blablacar.com
  9. Next to the Incredible Nutshell, just down the road a little towards town from Lidl and on the opposite side of the road. They have funny opening times, but its a veritable treasure trove of crafty supplies..
  10. I had terrible wifi signal with talktalk - i tried a new box and all the stuff they suggested. It only got better when I moved to Plusnet.
  11. That's Max! He's really not miming, his voice is incredible! He just uses the cd as background music, but it really is him singing. You need to see it to believe it. He has a cd for sale in the Rude Shipyard Cafe..
  12. We failed! I dunno 'bout the rest o you, but i got there just at 5, when they were closing - the sign says the cafe is open till 6, but really they close at 5! I hung around for a bit in case anyone else turned up but gave up at about half past when i got too cold! Shall we try again for one day next week or the week after maybe? Either at the above mentioned dronfield place or somewhere else?
  13. Before I saw the horror film "the ring", that's largely what i thought i was about. ---------- Post added 10-03-2013 at 23:17 ---------- Just wait - when IT happens you'll know I spoke the truth, and by then it might be too late to start panic buying bottled water and cotton wool balls.
  14. Nah it was clearly the first attempt of many, where he's ringing to warn himself of the "event", but is struggling to remember his own whereabouts. If he's lucky, he'll ring back, and we'll all be saved..
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