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  1. bazza63

    Simpkins sweet factory.

    Anyone remember the Beal triplets they lived on Wisewood
  2. Yes do remember the hobbing foot, my Dad used to mend shoes on it put new leather or rubber soles came up like new. stiil got one in our garage.
  3. bazza63

    Sheffield blitz

    I was born 31/08/1940. me and my mother were staying at my aunts on Collegiate Cres of Ecclesall rd on the night of the blitz w`e decided to go home to Worrall, a guy in Worrall had a car so he came to fetch us, I have bee told that we had an awful journey home dodging the bombs in Sheffieldwe arrived back in Worrall a few hours later, lucky to be alive.B.Couldwell.
  4. bazza63

    Barber road services Oughtibridge

    Sadly Mick Shaw has passed away,Dereck Leet is still about he works for Merc at tankersly
  5. bazza63

    Load brook

    Load Brook is a small hamlet topside of Dungworth went to school with a boy from there Doug Lawson.
  6. bazza63

    Bonfire good old days

    I remember bonfire night would be collecting wood for weeks always had to get center pole to build fire round,Iived in Worrall used to make Bonfire at Grange Farm sack of potatoes from farm throw them on to fire later they would come out burnt black but good to eat wonderful times,
  7. bazza63

    The old Middlewood Hospital

    i saw a pationent jump under lorry on M/Wood Rd bottom gate to the Hospital the driver was from Lancs I had to go to court to say it wasnt is fault.
  8. bazza63

    Bradbury construction,early seventies.

    A mate of mine I am sure worked at Bradburys Richard Walker.
  9. Remember Keith from olden days. Barry
  10. The chap was David Walker.
  11. bazza63

    What year did C&A close?

    Sorry unable to remember the wages, my late wife worked there in sixtys her name then was Miss Sheldon.
  12. My Aunty Mabel and her husband Tom [Hurst]were regulars there,sadly both passed away.
  13. The Shoulder of Mutton Worrall in 1956 sixteen years of age,1.3.pence mild 1.6p bitter tje Landlord was Fred and Alice Wilson.
  14. I started work at Wiggies on Middlewood Rd in 1955 my first wage wa £3.17 06. per week.

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