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  1. I rember a guy Frankie Barron beleive he was a boxer in 30s 40s he used to go round pubs selling goods out of suitcase. also Henry Hall lived in Worrall.
  2. Hi my first car was a Vauxhall1950s LWJ792. £130. Wyven.
  3. I think the chap who was a motorbike engineer had a garage in Thurgoland just above the Green Dragon, I once delivered I once delivered the frame of a Side Car to his garage.
  4. Wesley Nichols was old coal man,Dennis Baines married is daughter Ann,
  5. There was a Lord Mayor of Sheffield Tony Damms.
  6. JackClayton .was ice cream man in hillsborough, is yard was bottom of Haden St just off Holmelane best ice cream in S6.
  7. Does anyone remember Graham Panton, 0r Jack PLatts.
  8. I well remember all the picture houses in Hillsborough,,Kinema was favorite they had double seats for couples these had to be booked in advance,after used to go to Styrans drink shop on M/wood Rd,great times.
  9. We had a chap called Mr Cox came round Worrall selling fruit and veg came early Sat morning would be late when he had finished,also a Rag Man called Danny Wright think they lived Hillsborough Area.
  10. I remember the Strike went on quite a awhile, my girl friend worked at C&A s in town and she used to stay at her sisters on St Phillips Rd and walk to work .
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