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  1. Jack Claytons bottom Haden St between Holme Lane Taplin Rd best icecream
  2. Ken and Mary Sheldon kept the Earl Francis,Manor oaks Rd. pubs 41 42.
  3. Albert an Joyce Drabble kept Dog and Partrige Atterclife,
  4. Bill and Lily Hatton kept Samuel Plimsol Hyde Park 60s.
  5. I remember this going to the convent to see a young lady getting married to the church this would be in the40s 50s.
  6. The Forty Foot bottom Donavon Rd, White Horse Wadsley Bridge.
  7. Does any one remember The Bricklayers Arms Hereford St bottom of rhe Moor.
  8. I used to use this cafe because I was a Hoover Rep and we held our morning meeting there.
  9. I new a Peter Tricket sadly passed away he came to live on Green Lane W/side, he had a suspended Ceiling company in E/ Field.
  10. I remember Bernard Taylor and is band,he played there in late 50s early 60s, I met my late wife there realy good times.
  11. My late wife lived on Dryden Rd her name was Sheldon.
  12. I remember Jack Claytons ice cream there yard was bottom Haden St, Hillsborough.
  13. My late wife lived on Dryden Rd P/X Late50s 60s. her name was Sheldon.Near Scotts, Obriens,Brookes. Allsops,
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