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  1. Thats correct all about 1950s 60s all were connected with Wiggys on Middlewood Rd. Also Gordon Butterly,KenWilliams, Stan Jukes manager at Wiggys.
  2. I was in Bolsterstone Choir and we used to sing there every Xmas.
  3. Anyone remember Wiggys and any Hoover salesmen,late 50s early 60s K Wright,T.Wright,R James,R Beard.
  4. Unfortunately Tommy Cooper has passed away.
  5. Anyone remember TOMS Barbers shop on Cambridge St.
  6. Your right about Bart Fantozzi having garage on Abbeydale Rd,with a chap Cass Shercliffe John Bee motors, Bart lived at Tinker Brook nr Wharncliffeside sadly passed away his wife Susan moved to Bolsterstone few years ago as far as I no she is still about.
  7. There used to have a fair on Studfield Hill Wisewood,we used to walk from Worrall to attend the fair
  8. I no of farm Cow Gap Farm near Dungworth
  9. Hi there, my first wage was £3,17,sixpence in 1956 I could go out have a great night for couple quid.
  10. Flo Helliwell was the landlady at the Haychatter Pub in Bradfield Dale 1950
  11. Stan and Barbera Colingwood used to work there also Mick Brooks.
  12. I think my brother inlaw worked there,Raymond Smith.
  13. Its the house with two cars outside on the lane leading to Dam Flask from main rd,call in the Plough good meals talk to Ben the landlord he lives there.
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