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  1. The first pub I ever went in was Shoulder Mutton Worrall 1956 beer was 1/3.pence pt.
  2. Took Grandkids to Castle House to see Father Xmas got done for parking on Bank St.
  3. Does any body remember Ernest Wright Brick layers Arms Hereford St.
  4. A mate of mine Mr Charlie Crowder ran a printing bussines from this building
  5. My first wage was £3. 17.6, worked in Wiggies on Hilsborough 1955 6.
  6. The Shoulder of Mutton in Worrall was a good pint when Bill Fisher kept it,he came from the Hermitage London Rd.
  7. A friend of mine Eddie Hague worked for Avery.
  8. Were from the Gatty family from Ecccesfield think there was a vicar off that name.
  9. John Burkill the green wig man,he has collected thousands for Mcmillan cancer research he has bot to be in the Sheffield hall of fame.
  10. My Doctor was Dr Thomson in Oughtibridgen waiting room was a small room cntaining few chairs,you had to remember whose turn it was, once split my head open he just shaved a patch on my head took needle and thread and just stitched it up no anisthetic stuck patch on and told togo back in a week
  11. Jack Claytons bottom Haden St between Holme Lane Taplin Rd best icecream
  12. Ken and Mary Sheldon kept the Earl Francis,Manor oaks Rd. pubs 41 42.
  13. Albert an Joyce Drabble kept Dog and Partrige Atterclife,
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