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Lime and plum or teal and lime cant decide

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hi looking to decorate my living room and kitchen again but cant decide on which room for which colours as love them all, wanting plum and lime green and teal and lime green but for which rooms, any suggestions would be helpful and anyone that wants to help aswell that would be great too if you fancied a new mate :hihi: :hihi: x

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I've had my living room plum and lime for years now (about 3)

I have an old fashioned cast iron fireplace with lime green tiles in it, and wanted to paint my wall in plum, so I did, and got some green flowers, green cushions etc to tie it all in - everyone said it was hideous at first, and now look, its all popular :D


I've got my bedroom in Teal, with gold and lime accents x


On my bigger sofa, I've got 2 plum cushions at each end, then 2 lime ones, and a plum and silver union jack cushion in the centre, and a big purple, green and silver canvas union jack which I painted myself and it looks fab. I keep adding little extra bits to it, did have dark wooden flooring until the other week, when i decided to get a plum carpet - I never stop decorating :hihi:

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yeah leah its all in now, my living room at the moment is teal and black but just fancy a change x


About 8 years ago, when I moved into a new flat, I decided I wanted to paint a wall either dark grey or black. My mum was like "ooooh no you can't do that :gag:"


I had to get my paint specially mixed by Stokes because none of the shops sold black emulsion, and I could only find ONE pair of black curtains on eBay :hihi:


About 6 months later it was all in, wish I'd have waited, would have cost me a whole lot less! I was just glad i could replace the black curtains I bought, they were awful :hihi:


I would love to redecorate the kitchen, but the tiles I've got are red, blue, yellow and green, and my cupboard doors are silver. Without retiling the whole lot, nothing really works apart from very neutral colours, its painted a very light grey at the moment, almost white, with a red blind and chrome appliances.

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