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  1. im on tmobile ee and the signal been playing up alday today saying no .signal its annoying x
  2. rootsbooster your right but when your with someone and they say i like you better with this colour hair you do what makes them happy even though it doesnt reflect ones personality when the real beauty of a person should be within x
  3. i wish i never messed with my hair and just stayed blonde oh well x
  4. im a natural blonde, changed hair colour dont know how many times lost count but now back blonde, what im gettin at is lot of men say blondes have more fun, but is this really true, are we actually judging a woman by the colour of her hair what does it matter what colour hair we have, i thought it was the personality that catches ones heart and not the looks that catches the eye, what do you think guys x
  5. need to know if anyone knows how i can get it out as now i cant use my speakers for my pc as a piece as broken off my speaker prong and got stuck in the hearphone jack
  6. hi does anyone know how to upload pictures on here when posting a ad, the add image at the bottom doesnt work with my phone or tablet is there another way to upload them x
  7. haha theres still plenty more out there but cant seem to think x
  8. groovy kind of LOVE-phil collins stop in the name of LOVE-supremes baby LOVE-supremes saving all my LOVE-whitney houston endless LOVE- luther vandross + mariah carey LOVE takes time-mariah carey vision of LOVE-mariah carey falling in LOVE- ub40 i'll make LOVE to you-boys 2 men i knew i LOVED you-savage garden if you had my LOVE-jennifer lopez let me LOVE you-mario my LOVE-justin timberlake LOVE in this club-usher fight for this LOVE-cheryl cole LOVE youee more-jls feel the LOVE-rudimental puppy LOVE-donny osmond this is LOVE-will-i-am everybody in LOVE-jls bleeding LOVE-leona lewis when LOVE takes over-david guetta ft kelly rowland i'd do anything for LOVE-meat loaf power of LOVE-jennifer rush
  9. hey im bored lol just wandering what and how many songs are with the word LOVE in them have fun x x
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