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Thank you Hardwick Hounds


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Just wanted to thank Terri again, I took Millie my rather scruff bag Yorkie to see Terri today & after a short time in her expert care out came a pretty little Yorkie girl. Even Harry who runs & hides if you mention bath was quite happy being around (although he was just there for moral support this time)


I can't believe how soft & silky her coat is. Thank you so much

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My other Yorkie Harry starts shaking when u get the brush out & that's after a horrific experience & not being able to get him cut properly since. Knowing Harry is so nervous I decided to let her do Millie first with Harry watching. I loved the way she spent time first talking to them & getting them to relax with her. In the end Harry was quite happy to show why he is known as the cuddle monster. Will definitely only let Terri near my pack in future can't recommend her enough

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Aw thank you to you both for such kind words :) Millie was an angel! She just went along with it happily bless her. I could see how nervous Harry was of me before he had even met me so I wasn't going to push him to have a stroke or anything and I couldn't believe it when he jumped on my lap at the end lol. He definitely is a cuddle monster! :D


I didn't know you were nexusdee - It's great to put faces to names on here. Lovely to meet you.


Thank you for always recommending me DACS :)

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