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3 free rrabbits


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Species of animal to be rehomed rabbits



Rehome or Sale? rehome


Reason for Rehome / Sale to many fox's trying to eat them


Sale Amount £00.00


Location loxley


Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? no


Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? yes


Age & Sex 2male 1 female aprox 2 yrs


Breed/ Mix


Colour/coat type 2 white (m)1 brown (f)


Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? most of the time


Live in / out..... out


Neutered/spayed none of them are neutered


Chipped no


Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no


Temperament good


Vaccinated & Wormed no


Any special knowledge needed none


General Information you can share there is 3 but the males fight if together so either all go if u have room or 1 male on its own white or a male and female together thanx (pms only) if intrested loving home please cage needed before you take thanx

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