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  1. have you ever had one and not paid it if no why tell others what not to do i would use my own head on this one and not ask for other peoples opions.
  2. its not about the spelling or even the COMEDIANS what think its funny on here rant:
  3. ad/thread gone due to stupid childish remarks by forumers
  4. i think they should keep them others are boring and forumers notice them. hence your question.
  5. the line which devide's the sticky paid ads from for sale think it should be more prominant you have to really look closely to see it.
  6. think you opened a can of worms on this
  7. i had a fantic motor ti 6 speed leave any ped standing
  8. got a 7 wk b/w male pm if intrested
  9. got a black/white 7 wk old male if intrested. pm
  10. answer to your question is there are fox's jumping into my garden and worrying them due to been next to fields. than you
  11. Species of animal to be rehomed rabbits Rehome or Sale? rehome Reason for Rehome / Sale to many fox's trying to eat them Sale Amount £00.00 Location loxley Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? no Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? yes Age & Sex 2male 1 female aprox 2 yrs Breed/ Mix Colour/coat type 2 white (m)1 brown (f) Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? most of the time Live in / out..... out Neutered/spayed none of them are neutered Chipped no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no Temperament good Vaccinated & Wormed no Any special knowledge needed none General Information you can share there is 3 but the males fight if together so either all go if u have room or 1 male on its own white or a male and female together thanx (pms only) if intrested loving home please cage needed before you take thanx
  12. need my engine steam cleaning to find a oil leak not a jet wash any body no where in sheffield close to s6 not Sullivan on effingham road S4 there not shut down but was very good,
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