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  1. My tree has survived 12 Lodge Moor winters (and the other one about 6) so they are sturdy little devils! Over watering is a strong possibility if you think the pots might not be draining well. Good luck. Unfortunately, I'm about to leave Sheffield Forum after 9 years here so I won't be able to reply to any more of your posts
  2. Ericaceous compost? Did someone advise you to do that? I've not come across anything that suggests they should be in that & I think they'd be better off in something like John Innes no.3. Do you think you could be overwatering them - do the pots drain easily? The only other thing that tends to make the leaves go brown is very cold winds - I know the weather hasn't been very good recently but I don't think it's been that bad! I've got 2 acers in pots, one of which hasn't been repotted in 20 years and it's survived some really harsh winters. Trying to think what else could be ailing yours.
  3. Who are you talking to in this thread?!
  4. I like that! ---------- Post added 24-06-2013 at 23:33 ---------- Oh right, the child with mouth cancer. Of course. Although of course I wasn't having a go at the child, I'm sure he doesn't have much influence over what his feckless mother chooses to do. I can see your posts, it's just certain other morons I've chosen to dispose of. ---------- Post added 24-06-2013 at 23:39 ---------- I'm afraid the TGB acronym is still alive and well in this house. Mind you so is Johnny Fartpants, Sid the Sexist and especially Finbarr Saunders.......
  5. It is for people deserving of it. Do you really think these people haven't created their own problems and are now expecting other people to solve them for them? ---------- Post added 24-06-2013 at 23:08 ---------- "One day that could be me" - what, whining that my new house smells of cat wee or packing my 4 kids into a car and whinging until someone gives me a house? No, those things will never be me & how kind of you to wish I never get cancer. What on earth that has to do with this thread I don't know, maybe you have trouble concentrating. Now I'm waiting for the pair of you & Squiggs to have a go at all the other people who've criticised this woman or is your bile reserved especially for me? I think I know the answer to that. Keyboard warriors all. Don't bother with any more of your lame insults because I won't see them.
  6. Oh ye gods. Looks like they're well known to a few of the people who've commented on the article & not in a good way. Let me get this right. She moved to Staffordshire to be near her relatives for support when one of the children got cancer. Someone burned her house down (I wonder why?) so the "supportive relatives" turn out to be no support at all and she drives back to Sheffield in something that looks a lot bigger than a Vectra and lives in it with her family. Why? If she's expecting to be provided with a house here, why did she not stay where she was and get the authorities there to house her? What with this story from last week - http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-single-mum-s-hellish-house-1-5785179 and now this one, isn't it good to know those of us who work and pay our own way to support ourselves are supporting these idle beggars as well.
  7. You've missed one or two threads on here recently. That's not even remotely true.
  8. It's awful to think someone might be missing him but you'd have thought they'd call the pound wouldn't you? I wonder if he'd been dumped
  9. Don't rise to it, this guy hasn't written one post that makes sense in his short time on here. That should give you a clue.
  10. I think we know what dan was getting at with this - suggesting that the cakes are coloured with synthetic materials as opposed to natural colours. And I'm not saying he isn't right (although not all of Fancie's cakes are coloured of course and they're certainly no worse than things you'd find in most cake shops/supermarkets), I just wanted to know if he could prove it. People are so fond of throwing accusations at people, often with no evidence to back it up. ---------- Post added 24-06-2013 at 00:08 ---------- Interesting. I looked this up and it seems that my hugely expensive set of food dyes also contain some of this stuff. Still, as it takes a dot on the end of a cocktail stick to colour enough icing for 2 dozen cakes, I won't worry too much!
  11. I think the police would have told him to sling his hook and rightly so. ---------- Post added 23-06-2013 at 23:17 ---------- Indeed. Unbelievable that they should think small children shouldn't very occasionally attend family events that go past their usual bedtime. ---------- Post added 23-06-2013 at 23:36 ---------- Lovely. And what a fine example to set to his child. If it's true of course.
  12. I take it you've already tried sunflower hearts and niger seed? Goldcrests tend to be where there are fir trees.
  13. Can you prove they're coloured with "chemicals"?
  14. No, you're right. It's disgusting, depressing and disheartening. So little consideration for a living, sentient creature.
  15. Happened to me once, I was hundreds of miles from home at the time....
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