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Lighting Menthol Fags Up The Wrong Way Round Is Driving Me Nuts

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I've never got menthol fags, they just felt wrong. Like smoking a polo mint.


I'm quitting the filthy habit this weekend forever (again) so won't be an issue.


Many say this but I can still cough my guts up on them. I smoke them because many say they are not as harmful as regulars. Which have a clearly noticable mouth part :(


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If you are patient you can immerse the tipped ends in coffee,dry on a radiator and repack.You could also use tea,a smear of marmite,or even nail varnish.


Sorry no! Once the mouth part is burnt I pull the 'nose cone' thing off and smoke it like a roll up. Without the filter thing.

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I 'roll' my own menthol ciggies by squeezing toothpaste down paper drinking straws and drying them out in the toaster. Additives like Listerine ensure your breath smells fresh. Takes about a day and a half to smoke one though, at least five disposable lighters, and you tend to go blue in the face through exhaustion. Doesn't matter which way round you smoke them ... you still pass out.

Fortunately, I have an oxygen tank on standby.

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