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Cursor sticking on laptop


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Just got a brand new HP laptop. Slowly getting to grips with Windows 8, but it's not helped by the arrow cursor just freezing when it wants to.It only lasts for a few seconds, or until I press left click. It's bloody annoying as I'm moving the cursor with the touch pad, it sticks then as my finger's still moving on the touch pad other things start to happen, like the tiles get smaller, or the right hand options suddenly appear on the screen.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Yeah i'm thinking new laptop, loads of bloatware pre-installed and running in the background and the ram is struggling, could be a simple process of turning off or uninstalling a load of crap, saw this happening on a brand new lappy only a few weeks back. It really does wazz me off as i'm asked weekly now why brand new machines are slow but it's a real pain explaining how to remedy it, i now advise never buying anything with less than 4gb of ram when in reality the machine could easily cope with 2gb if it wasn't full of so much ****. :mad:

Personally if i were to buy a new lappy these days the first thing i'd do is a format and re-install of the OS.

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Thanks people for the advice. I know that it has a lot of pre-installed crap like icons for games sites, apps that I probably will never use etc. The problem is it does it whenever it wants, not necessarily when I'm trying to connect to a page or site. If I've gone onto Facebook for instance, I'll be moving the cursor and it just stops. Sometimes it seems to be frozen as soon as I try to move it. Very annoying cos you don't pay that kind of money for a brand new machine and expect problems from day one. I will un-install everything that I don't need and see if that helps.

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