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Singing Competitions??

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I am 15 and wondering if there is any local singing competitions or places I can perform at.

I already have done several Performances;

Lights, Camera, Action 2009

Music Relief Charity Concert 2010

Talent Showcase 2012


I am also doing a talent show on the 9th of Feburary.

I was wondering if you guys knew of anywhere else I would be able to Gig or perform! :D

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Hi Rebecca!

That was very good timing. Yellow Arch studios are organising a hidden talent showcase in aid of Cavendish Cancer Care and we are about to start the publicity! It's £10 to enter, and 10 winners.. chosen by celebrity judging panel.. will get to record at the studios that have been used by Richard hawley, Arctic Monkeys and many more, and perform at a live event. All poroceeds go to Cavnedish Cancer Care, a local charity offering help to people diagnosed with cancer, their carers and children. So, a great opportunity to be heard and to support a fantastic cause. Look at the Yellow Arch website for entry details. It's open to anyone over 14... no upper age limit! Good luck!! June :)

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Hi Rebecca,


We are 3 final year event management students at Sheffield Hallam, as part of our final year module we are required to host a fundraising event.

The charity chosen to raise money for is Artfelt - Artfelt transforms the wards of Sheffield's Children's Hospital and also organises workshops for the children to take part in.


We are organising an international talent show on 18th March 6.30pm at the Common Room and would love if you would be interested in giving a 5-10 minute performance?


We feel that having a singer will add a great atmosphere to the event and we also would like a wide range of talent to showcase. It would be great if you would like to get involved/


Let me know if yiu would like to take part as soon as you can.

My email address is a9021467@my.shu.ac.uk


Kind regards,



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