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Colley Park Football Pitch's


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Just been for a wander around the park before settling down to watch the games on TV.


Obviously there's been a match on today on the park,its easy to tell because there is a swathe of empty plastic bottles plus various litter all over the place!!


Surely lads,it is a lot easier to just have a bin bag with you & task someone to collect the litter at the end of the match & dispose of it in one of the bins on your way off the pitch!?


I know this area is not exactly the 'Garden of Eden', and there is already a litter problem, but lets try not to compound it & leave it with the attitude of 'someone else will pick it up' or 'its bad enough already'. We can at least try to have a little bit of 'paradise' in the area ;)

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we played there last week against premier league apponents bridge.... gave em a right spanking lol.... its the home teams responsability to make sure litter is removed we got a letter or phone call from someone warning us when we got our pitch

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