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  1. Hi, if you send me a tx to the mobile number 07534093196 il reply with my email address & il take a look thanks
  2. Hi, we specialise in this sort of work. id advise you to get plans drawn up first, get the architect out then at least you know what your allowed to do etc. if not most builders will be guessing! If possible its easier to do the work quicker and cheaper if the property can be ripped out and renovated at the same time as the extension build as trades only need to come once when shell is built. It gets more difficult if the customers is keen to move in! Average turn round of theses type jobs is 3months! id be happy to have a chat with you but would defo recommend extension plans as a first step! cheers James
  3. That explains your price mate imagine for example 8m x 3m double with possible gable end! Fully plastered and finished 20k is laughable really!
  4. An average double is 3m min out to the side with full length fromt to back.. Sometimes built overhand depending on access.. It's impossible to price without any spec.. Obviously roof style is a big say in the cost And be upto 1k just in insulation if it's all done correct to regs.. Presuming there's Windows / doors Joists / floors 20k is so cheap I'd be concerned about the quality I was getting!
  5. 20k!!!!! Wow double extension foundation build material, skips, roof will be 20k in material never mind labour!! Presuming you want plastered walls plumbing and electrics in there as well, plus the structural knockthroughs!!! 20k is way short Impossible to price without spec
  6. Hi there, we would be happy to quote, It would be impossible to be accurate without drawings, but if you emailed them (when you have them)I would send you a broken down quote splitting the job into stages, The quote would be from dpc course to finish, I would also need a site visit to quote from ground level to dpc, but could offer an estimate (based on standard dig and 1m to doc)... I also have loads of completed extensions and some full new build projects, with happy customers who would be happy to give references and let you take a look if required. Contact me for more info, Regards James
  7. We could quote for this but unfortunately we're cooked up till August / September! James
  8. Spending power?? 4/5 of our best players were free transfers.. I'd say more wise signings hence 9/10'mil Rhodes McCormack valuation, we get FF for 3mil.. We're signing players with the right attitude to build a squad full off togetherness.. With a manager who's passion is second to none!! That's where the success comes from. If you think we're buying our way out of the league your deluded, plenty of champ teams spent more than us this season...
  9. I use Tyree fabrications Heely bank, always reliable..
  10. Happy to quote..there's a correct way to lay indian stone which even established builders still do wrong !! It's all in the bond to make it look great.. Regards james
  11. I was thinking same!! Costs more in labour time cleaning bricks than buying new! If there reclaimed bricks There £1 per brick if clay/newer style there 60p-80p You have roughly 500 bricks in the measure above.. Plus tacke old down / skip aswell as pay for skip.. Ties & starter ties if required... Sand and cement Couple of days labour... £950 sounds cheap to me
  12. We would be happy to quote you but would need to know flag type, as some need traditional pointing which is really time consuming compared to some flags that don't have any pointing.. Cheers
  13. We fit artificial grass.. Happy to offer any quotes. References and pics are available.. Cheers james
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