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Cat in meadowhall Carpark


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I came across a beautiful tabby/ tortie coloured cat in the meadowhall car park near next this evening. I was a bit worried as there aren't many houses round there without crossing lots of busy roads :( perhaps I am worrying a little too much as it didn't look underweight but it could be lost.


It was quite a large cat and seemed to be running around a bit cluelessly. Please keep an eye out for it if you're around there.


Il sleep better when I know it's safe.

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Ferels everywhere around that area - We once thought there were 4 ferels in one part of attercliffe only to find out at least 40 were there. So sad for them having to forage for food that's perhaps why is was in the car park at meadowhall. Hopefully if it wasnt underweight its finding food but probably producing more kits that wont be as fortunate in the future- So sad for these cats and for Mags who sees cats like these everyday - but luckily this one is alive not like the many kits Mags has to bury due to lack of food / cold.

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