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  1. I have none in Gleadless. There's a burst water main affecting all of S12 according to Severn trent site
  2. The police passed the details onto the warden. I tried ringing several places- dog warden, council, police (who asked us if we wanted to keep it), RSPCA but at 10pm on bank holiday Monday nobody wanted to know. I had no other option but to take it somewhere safe.
  3. I came across a beautiful tabby/ tortie coloured cat in the meadowhall car park near next this evening. I was a bit worried as there aren't many houses round there without crossing lots of busy roads perhaps I am worrying a little too much as it didn't look underweight but it could be lost. It was quite a large cat and seemed to be running around a bit cluelessly. Please keep an eye out for it if you're around there. Il sleep better when I know it's safe.
  4. Iv just realised how old this thread is but iv seen what I believe to be a ghost on charnock drive in gleadless. It was around 4 years ago and I was walking home at midnight and saw a Victorian man wearing a top hat and tails with a cane stood on the pavement outside a house. He didn't move apart from his eyes watching me as I walked on the other side of the road. There was nobody else around and no logical explanation for it. Another person I have spoken to has seen similar things in the area, I just wondered if anybody else has.
  5. Animals will return love to you unconditionally, no matter what you look like or what you may have done. They dont judge you. Animals rely on us to keep them healthy, just like children, so why should we treat them any differently? In response to the original post about cruelty- cruelty affects animals just as much as children. if anything this should make us closer to our pets rather than making us feel guilty about caring for them so much. If this offended people I would show my love for my pets all the more!
  6. Couldnt agree more. I used to stay awake listening to this every night. He discussed some interesting topics. The radio lacks something like this now
  7. Tracey higgs and tony stockwell are coming to the city hall soon. They are good mediums
  8. Me and my mum have just seen a massive cat-like animal in our garden in Gleadless. It was stood over an average sized cat with it pinned down and was at least twice as big! Totally black and heard it before I saw it making a strange noise.. Never seen anything like it. Much bigger than a fox but had the walk of a cat, from what we could tell in the dark.
  9. My car radio has been broken for about 3 weeks now, the electrics have all gone to it and it wont light up any more so it could be something as simple as a fuse, but I don't know where to take it that will repair it. Has anyone got any ideas? Its a very lonely drive to Nottingham and back everyday without it!
  10. Thanks everyone.. The settee wouldnt fit through the door at all, nowhere near as we predicted, so we had to ring the people who fitted our new windows to come and take them out so that the atkinsons people could lift the settee in. They were very good about it and offered to come back and lift it for us after they had finished their rounds but fortunately the window people put it in for us. Not too much drama anyway
  11. Yeah its the outer door we're worried about. It only measures 27 inches when open- probably 30 when taken off, but the new settee is 38.6 inches deep and a similar height. All we can do is be prepared really by the sounds of things, and contact Atkinsons to warn them. Maybe we'll try and have the door off in advance if they don't do that sort of thing. Thanks to all for the advice
  12. It seems that the new settee we have ordered from Atkinsons is much bigger than our door. On the policy we got with the receipt it says that it is our responsibilty to ensure access to the house and that it will fit through the door. But do they not deal with these sorts of problems all the time? Will they be able to take off our door/ window or will they just leave it for us to deal with? In which case our lovely new expensive settee will be living in the garden. Has anybody had experiences before of settees not fitting through doors? How far will they help you?
  13. I seem to be hearing more and more stories about cats being run over on busy roads and the more I hear them I think how can owners settle when their cats are out? I don't even live on a particularly busy road and I always worry when mine is out and try to ensure I know where he is. But if you know you live on a busy road- don't get a cat! Or have a house cat. In my opinion this should be a check done by anyone selling a cat/kitten to anyone else. I think this is one of the things the RSPCA look for but breeders as well should ensure their animals are going to a safe place- its not fair to the cat and its not fair on an unsuspecting driver. If this message encourages just one more person to be a bit more vigilant i'll be happy!
  14. Next to Charnock school there appears to be a lot of digging going on on the field, and part of the car park has also been dug up. A line of grass has been stripped most of the way around the field- anyone any ideas what its all in aid of?
  15. iv had that one before i dont think theyre in a minority
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