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Window security grilles

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I just wondered if anyone has any of those window security grilles (the type you can close & then lock). If so where did you get them & would you recommend having them fitted.


I've tried Ashton alarms but for some reason every time I phoned last week the person who dealt with that was on the phone & would call me back - never did, so I can only assume they aren't interested.


I've seen plenty online that you fit yourself but knowing me if I attempted it myself I would do something and the window would fall out

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We just got some thick galvanised mesh and attached it over some warehouse windows last time. If you can source them just pay a tradesmen to attach them??


This is for my house so would need the grilles that can be opened for safety reason. Just trying to up my security in the hope that thieving scumbag will leave my house alone in future

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Hi, does anybody know where I could get some window bars from?


I'm on the ground floor of a block of flats and have been burgled, now I find out that the previous tenants were burgled twice.


I'm hoping to get some sort of bars to go on the inside of the windows so I can feel safe leaving the property.


However I don't want it to cost me a fortune which is why I thought maybe bars rather than anything else?


Any help would be great, thanks

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