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  1. Not much chance of someone parking for an appointment if you've been taking space for 20 years.
  2. If it's such a nice view and you feel that strongly about the area maybe you should relocate Low Edges festival ?
  3. It's not a council tree nor are the decorations on the Moor they are put up by company that manage the Moor. Once again someone launches in to council bashing without bothering to get the facts.
  4. It's not the Council it's Sheffield BID that are running the initiative.
  5. I had a similar situation yesterday , some a***s in a van dumped around 30 tyres on a piece of land next to my house. I rang it through to 101 and within 30 mins a maintenance/cleaning team arrived and removed them. A lot of issues with 101 but on this occasion top marks.
  6. Looking for options on sorting flat roof on old style brick outhouse,roof is leaking and pointing is in bad nick,don't want a "full conversion" just options on making sound and sealing. Also a couple of other small jobs re -felting bay window and a few roof tiles need replacing. If anyone is able to come and have a look and give me some options/prices please let me know.
  7. Might be daft question but .... I have Worcester junior boiler in my static van and was wondering does it cause any damage/problems if the gas {bottled supply] runs out ? or does it simply turn off until supply is re-established .
  8. Big recommendation for Jeff Smith,recently fitted me a laminate floor and previously new internal doors and some skirting. Very professional in everything he does and a top bloke as well,a pleasure to do business with. Also a big thumbs up for Matt Viney who has done an amazing job on our bathroom,totally transformed it from a shell to a dream room.
  9. I appear to be stuck with this Adware , ive tryed malware bytes and others but they dont detect it,cant remove it from add on list. The removal tools all seem to require buying , is there any freeware out there that will remove this ?
  10. They are not shop shutters,they are decorative for domestic windows,out of interest which route do you intend on going down ? because i cant think of many other ways of physically stopping a burgular gaining access. Each to their own,but as you said the distress caused by someone rifling through your property is not something i want again and at least now i don't have to worry,unless of course they come equipped with an angle grinder !
  11. After being bugrled twice we have invested in shutters (from Complete Shutters) for the patio doors and rear windows which in conjunction with our new "crimebuster" composite doors means we can now leave the house without a feeling of dread. They are the best investments we have made and at cost of £1200 fitted i think good value for the peace of mind they give.
  12. We are having them fitted by Complete Shutters Services a Sheffield Company,costing about £1,200 for Patio doors and 3 other windows.http://www.completeshutterservices.co.uk
  13. Possibly because Nicoracle works at the O2 Academy when she's not sqautting or camping.
  14. Better make sure all your doors and windows are locked,the 99% will soon be seeking accomodation ,eviction from the Cathedral on the way and just had the pleasure of seeing the eviction notices go up on the Citadel building.
  15. Its where the legless beggar on a skateboard lives ,if you knock on the door and ask politley he will invite you in for a cuppa.
  16. I have a Worcester Bosch RD532 Combi with the wireless digistat. The digistat has stopped working,i have changed the batteries and checked the connections but still blank screen. Does anyone know a good place to get a replacement and does it need fitting (ie parts in boiler aswell) or is a straight replacement. Any advice appreciated.
  17. Your website doesn't give me much faith when you have got the wrong information for the City Centre switch on event. Only a small switch on is on the Moor for kids with the tree being lit and kids entertainment at 15.00. The main switch on event is in Barkers pool as it is every year with Mel C and others doing the deed at 17.00.
  18. Xenia, You are still confused about what the "night time security" were there for. As i pointed out earlier they were not a roaming City Centre security service they were employed to work in specific static areas,the Peace Gardens,Barkers Pool,Sheaf Sq and Devonshire Green. Their role was to protect the infrastructure from damage and contribute to a safe environment. Their withdrawl does not impact on the safety of the City Centre as a whole however the impact on the specific areas remains to be seen and will become clear in time.
  19. There is alot of confusion around the role of "City Centre Security". The security company that were employed by the council provided security guards for the Public Realm sites such as the Peace Gardens,Barkers Pool and Sheaf Sq. Their role was primarily to protect the infrastructure of these sites and to provide a uniformed presence to help create a safe area for people to enjoy. They were not a roaming City Centre Security service and did not work outside these areas.They did on many occasions get invovled in assisting the police with incidents and have helped many people who were in trouble,however that was never their primary function.
  20. Excellent idea,slightly flawed however as the grotto on Fargate is owned and operated by a independant business and Castle market is owned and run by the council.
  21. I know the brother of the woman that sits next to the man thats in charge of the lights and he has heard from a secret source that the lights will be hamster powered this year.FACT.
  22. You do exaggerate corgigasman it only took one kettle full ! Seriously many thanks for advice thats saved me listening to one wife and one cat moaning all weekend !
  23. Help anyone please ! My heating just picked the ideal day to pack up. It is a worcester bosch RD 532 Combi 4 years old and it is displaying the fault code EA (flame not detected) according to the manual,can anyone get out to fix it or recommend someone. Any help appreciated.
  24. They were part of the christams street entertainment provided by the councils City Centre Management Team,and yes they were hilarious.
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