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Toshiba software deletes to create disk space


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Have a Toshiba Satellite laptop on which I would like to delete unnecessary software to create some disk space. Having considered all software I am now down to the pre installed stuff from Toshiba and would like confirmation or not that it is safe and wise to delete the following, all prefixed by "Toshiba"


Users Manual

Services and Options


Limited Warranty



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1. If you don't feel the need for the manual - fine, delete it.


2. Services and Options - check whether this includes specific driver updates - this 'should' be easily done through their portal without the need for this but worth checking.


3. Assist - only useful if you think you are going to have problems - and if it is outside of warranty is it still valid?


4. Limited Warranty - assuming you registered for this and have kept the details somewhere or it is way past warranty period - delete it.

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