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Help needed with website


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I am looking for a little help with my website, I don't know very much about computers but I'll give you a bit of history.


I bought the domain name from/through webeden who host the site about 5 months ago and according to my site stats have had just over 1000 views, but my google analytics tells me iv had 0 visitors.


I will be adding some photos and feedback but I have only just started working on this again, and haven't been able to get shots of my work due to circumstances.


I'd like to get this up on google, I think I'm on page 3 if you type mac plastering, iv tried Adwords for a while and other things but I'm struggling a bit with it all and would like to own a site outright with this domain name or something a little easier.


Thanks in advance, mac

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no expert myself - but I don't see a google analytics code in your home page (you can look at the page code from "view source" or similar in your browser


Adwords wont move you up google ranks but SEOQuake can be helpful - it runs in Firefox

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Have you thought about getting a professional site done? A simple 5 page website should cost around £200 to £300.


There is no point being higher up for "mac plastering". Unless people know your company name there not going to type it into Google to find you. You need to think along the lines of "plasterers rotherham" etc. This is the sort of phrase people type into search engines.

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yes i am in the process of getting quotes for this, im not very good with stuff like this.


im trying to hit the domestic market in south yorksire, get the van logod up with a web address and kind of brand the small business in hope of pushing the rendering side of it and catching the attention of new customers.


i see you have a website love2print, how has it worked for you.

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I used to do wedding fayres but then I concentrated on doing business online as it seemed more cost effective. I glad I did as it was going really well, I say was because I am currently looking after my child.


Getting the branding correct and consistent across all mediums makes a company look professional. A good logo is the first step and then everything else, business cards, van signage, etc can be built on from that.


I've had a quick look at some sites that came up in Google when I typed in plasterers rotherham. Your website in comparison looks messy, a cleaner design would make your site look so much better.


I would also change the @live email and have a @mac-plastering.com one. Again this looks more professional.

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