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  1. Hi, i was just wanting to pass some information to people regarding a previous customer of mine. Last summer i had a phone call from a women whose parents where elderly and very vulnerable, i think both suffered from some sort of dementia. She had contacted me to asses and quote some rendering they had had done. They had had a company (Company A) around 2 weeks prior to her contacting me who had offered to Render the full house and paint it. What they did was chop about 1 square metre off, render the 1 square metre with a DIY quick setting render. This took around 1 to 2 hours and was performed from ladders. They then tried to charge around £4000.00 for said works. With the elderly couple inside being vulnerable they were about to pay with cash until the daughter came in and stopped it. The company in question had professional looking leaflets, websites and were limited, so could have looked like the real deal to most. We were then contacted to render the house and did so without a problem. I have had a call this morning from the daughter telling me another company (Company B) has been to the property yesterday, the elderly women with dementia has asked if Chris the renderer (me) has sent them as i assume we were the last people to work on their property and they have said yes. We didn’t and wouldn’t do anything like that. They have gone into the house and performed a damp check on the property telling the elderly women that the house is damp and needs extensive work and given her a quotation of £2500.00 with discounts if she agreed there and then. with a few follow up calls today to try and get her to agree to the work. Company A and Company B are the same company, just now with different names and directors. Company A were advertised as a roofing company who saw an opportunity to make some money from rendering. Company B are advertised as an insulation company who were trying to trick someone into having damp works performed. The elderly women (husband died a few weeks ago) has taken cold calls & answered the door to these companies. The companies or company are/is based in Nottingham but this has happened in S5 . They have been reported to the police and trading standards. Some helpful info on insulation is here on tactics and scaremongering these people use as well as other info on Spray insulations and the like. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/beware-cold-hearted-crooks-running-9412683 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/35Tq4d59vGhPF9kYs51vWnD/information-on-rogue-doorstop-sellers
  2. A taxi from Brinsworth to Sheffield city centre is about £15, slightly less for catcliffe.
  3. Jamie Carragher will get grief and aggro far worse from many Man U fans. He’s an ex professional player and current professional TV pundit. If he can’t handle an idiot shouting 2-1 he shouldn’t be in the job he’s in.
  4. The full video is on the link I posted half way down the page. The guy (Manchester United fan) driving is only shouting 2-1 as that was the score earlier in the day. It’s no excuse for spitting at someone, he’s only sorry because he was caught and recorded on camera
  5. He’s an ex Liverpool and England defender who now presents for Sky Sports. A very highly paid former footballer turned pundit.
  6. https://news.sky.com/story/jamie-carragher-suspended-by-sky-after-spitting-incident-11287245 Full video is on there.
  7. Personally I wouldn’t plaster or plasterboard anything that’s outside open to the elements if your wanting it to last. Plaster and plasterboard is made up of gypsum which is like a sponge for moisture. I’d expect a Render carrier board, cement particle board or the like over insulation to last a lot longer albeit a little more expensive. All of the above is readily available at most builders merchants
  8. With all due respect I think the police would put it down to a civil issue. You’d be left with the option to go to small claims court, but with no proper contract or paper work addressed to you with what work was agreed and expected you’ll struggle. £40, £400 or £4000 always best to get something on paper to protect both customer and tradesmen. Good luck with it.
  9. Did you have a written quote? Did you have anything stating what job was expected to be done in return for the price agreed?
  10. You'd be better using exterior grade render board with a finish of sprayed cork (waterproof, fire resistant with other thermal properties) or if you wanted to keep costs down just board with render boards and paint. Plaster and plasterboard externally will deteriorate over a few years. Or treated sheet timber as spider has suggested.
  11. A re-skim is just 3mm of plaster coated on the ceiling, cracks and patches can be covered but this is not a guarantee they won't come back through. Ceiling has to be in pretty good condition. Over board and skim - Plasterboards screwed to the joists over the existing ceiling and skimmed. This is probably the better option if your ceiling is cracked badly and has has flaking paint, done correctly should last 20 years + Remove ceiling, board and skim - I wouldn't do this unless the ceiling was collapsing or you wanted insulation etc, needs to be a very good reason to drop a ceiling in an occupied house. Very, very messy. Same method applies remove ceiling, board and skim. Price wise it's hard to say. Re-skim would probably be in region of £160-£220 Board and skim £200-£280 Remove, board and skim £320-420 They would be rough estimates for a standard living room 12x12. Yours is bigger by about 10 square metres so more materials, so expect to pay the top end or possibly a little more than what's above. I always tell my customers it depends how long they want it to last. The cheaper option could crack again after 12 months, if your wanting it done to last, the middle option is probably better. I'd recommend using minimum 12.5mm boards always as they have a backbone, 9.5mm are cheaper but will bend and bow with they ceiling if it's not straight. Hope this helps.
  12. Frontline does not work anymore, stopped working on our cat about 6 months ago and he's treated every month. Flea bombs are also not very good. What we did after frontline failed and cat brought them in was Indorex flea spray or Acclaim flea spray (probably the only 2 I'd be confident work) also 1 called RIP but I haven't tried it. Can buy online cheaper but available at vets for about £20-£27 a tin (about £12 online, but its whether you can wait) Borax salts, Hoover and sprinkle around you house everywhere sofa all corners everywhere and brush into carpets and leave for 2/3 days and Hoover everywhere. This stuff works wonders and is far better value than chasing your tail buying flea bombs and other product that don't work. About £4 a box and a box or 2 does a full house. You can get it at boyes in firth park. It's very safe around pets. Advantage spot on - read reviews online, plenty of people saying frontline is not working. Advantage online is about £10 or a bit more at vets. We are very keen with the cat and flea treatments and gets front lined every month, after it failed we spent a few hundred £ on all the well known branded stuff to no avail. Indorex Borax Advantage Should get rid ---------- Post added 22-07-2017 at 07:40 ---------- https://www.lenehans.ie/borax-substitute-multi-purpose-cleaner-500g.html This is the stuff, I can't recommend it highly enough. I flea bombed every room in house, sprayed staykill and washed everything but didn't work. Haven't had any off the cat or seen any in house since using that borax.
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