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World human rights day .

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Today Monday is World Human Rights day.

Amnesty International reports that today there are more people taken into slavery than at any time for a hundred years.

These slaves are usualy from the far East,Africa,and Eastern Europe.

Many of them are children as young as 9 with the young girls being forced into prostitution and forced marriage, while young boys in Africa are forced into so called army's fighting for who ever is the latest nutcase in charge.

India and Packistan are the worst culprits as far as selling young females on to brothels so as they can be abused by the so called good and great of those countries.

In England we have East European gangs bringing in poor girls on the promise of jobs.

They are then forced into so called massage parlours on the fear of death.

England also has in its mist people from certain cultures who think it is family honour to force their daughters into arranged marriage often to much older men, THIS IS RAPE . And should not be part of a civilazed country.

Lets all help to stamp out slavery .

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