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  1. I have a lapel badge with the Union Jack depicted . I some times see people staring at my badge as though it is not P.C should I not wear it in case it offends some people.
  2. Road to Wigan Pier;) written by a half upper class communist pseudo working class intellectual . Who once lived on the Parkwood Springs.
  3. Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London I will show you something that will make you change your mind.
  4. Billy Conolly also said that the sooner they cut his head off the better in response to a captive who was in danger of being beheaded. He is a twit without the I.
  5. I saw them live at Eland Road Leeds in 1983 ,i wore a sky blue jump suite with zip from crotch to neck topped of with a green stetson cowboy hat. The best group ever to strut their stuff.
  6. Just turned it off how Ken put up with her for fifty years is beyond belief .
  7. I like the old Italian scam. Greasy looking bloke swept back thinning hair slides up to one as one is walking on pavement . Exacusie me lady he says in very Dinero type drawl, I hava offer you will be amazed. He then with great aplomb pulls out his party trick ,looka this he says "Antalopee skin silk lining lady and gents matching coats ,"my bossa ses don't bring them back to Italia or you sacked" "for you i giva de pair £100 "" because you a butifull lady".any one elsee they woulda be £369 in Harrods. "No thanks love says me" as he roars away in his Uno giving me the Italian finger. That happened believe it or not.
  8. If these young men stayed and defended their own Country with such vigour then things would soon be sorted.
  9. Cheers Potty Riverside Saturday ? ---------- Post added 16-09-2015 at 20:39 ---------- Cheers Potty Riverside Saturday ?
  10. There must be those blokes who come over here and go to our night clubs and race courses as well as seeing the Queen and Prince Charles must love our way of life other wise they would be liars wouldn't they;)
  11. I dream about Errol Flynn around once a week ,I then wake up to Albert Tatlock.
  12. We bought a topper from T J Hughes and it is brilliant.
  13. Brilliant can only describe all involved ,however it seems strange that none of the major experts on all things Sheffield football can be bothered to comment . Sad that isn't it.
  14. The keep sake is in the rammel drawer:hihi:
  15. Why are those thousands of young men not defending their Country .
  16. I was a regular in the eighty's and the landlords where Keith and Anita Pawson.
  17. Artheritus shop Market Street Barnsley every thing one pound ,perhaps the last true charity shop as some charge more than Primark .
  18. A woodland burial can now be arranged in Sheffield . us two have booked our plot paid on the never never:hihi:
  19. I would bring back the Castle Market along with its smashing individual cafe areas . This combined with all the little nooks and crannies around every corner made it the best Market hall in South Yorkshire.
  20. I hope he will do away with selective education where people who can afford it move house to the posher areas so as to access the best schools ,schools that just happen to be in those areas. Also the public and private school system ,a system that is so unfair on kids from poorer areas. Then we have the faith schools with their selective policies .
  21. In outlook. in tradition, in power.????? We have to reach out to people who are struggling to be heard and seen today.
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