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Marcus Miller jazz bass stolen from my flat in Shalesmoor

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hi thereguys.


so sad to see so many threads about stolen items recently.


i just wanted to give people a shout and let you know there appears to be more of this going on than ever at the minute, we've had quite a few reported intruders up near our flats on edward street, and it seems that people living in other flats nearby are experiencing the same problems.




this bass was taken from my flat at approximately 2 am saturday night/sunday morning.


it had a 'brute foresight' sticker on the pickboard and the two pickup pots were missing (the silver ones on the picture)


it's a really precious item to me and if any of you are out and about in town and ever go into the second hand shops please keep on the lookout for it. it's a distinctive piece of kit.. here it is in action::




thanks guys. xx

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So sorry to hear that mate there is so much of this happening have you been in touch with all the local loan/pawn shops etc or ebay gumtree get some photos of you with it and take it round some places as if it is offered someone may be able to help you i hope you had it marked so you can id it if found really i guess that this is the kind of items that a musician would want so local bands pub maybe starting places good luck and i hope your lucky and get it back

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i got it back!!! woop!


great news :)


as a victim of crime you may be able to get a special deal on a smartwater kit from your local crime prevention officer.


definitely worth investing in as a property marking measure... and a deterrent to anybody taking it again!




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