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  1. Is it true that the Cathedral Archer Project that helps the homeless had to be closed today?! If so, that's disgraceful!
  2. Yeah! Woke up this morning to find all my internet is down, cant access anything. I only changed to this network last week after years of using vodafone and bought my first smartphone, now i cant even use it!!! According to their customer services it may be down for another 24 hours! I typed this reply on my old crappy nokia thats still has credit left!
  3. Hi. Im a bassist in my late 30's into some of the bands you mentioned, Primus, Mars Volta etc. Possibly looking into getting back into music after a 6 months absence. Ideally playing a mixture of heavy riffs and more experimental/ambient /prog stuff.
  4. Hi. What kind of music are you wanting to play?
  5. Different. Is it comfortable to play though? Hint hint
  6. Hi guys. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. I'm in the middle of packing due to moving house next week so i'll be in touch with everyone soon. I havent forgotten
  7. If you dont manage to fix it then take it into N2C Systems on West Street, across the road from Kfc. Ask for Simon and tell him Aidy sent you
  8. I've just been stopped on the roadside by a couple of blokes in an unmarked white van, trying to sell me "a pair of speakers". I declined obviously. This is the second time in a couple of months this has happened to me, both times in the Nether Edge/Sharrow/Hunters Bar area. Anyone else encountered these guys?
  9. According to the South Sea Facebook page, the story in The Star is incorrect...
  10. Hello. I've already asked about the Wincobank area, as seen a house there that i like. However, i've also seen one on Bullen Road. Is this area ok? Honest opinions please! Ps i meant a nice place to live, not new! Typed the title in a rush
  11. Thanks everyone. Went for a walk round the area in the evening and it seemed very quiet, which is reassuring. The lack of pubs could be an issue though, ha ha!
  12. Hello. Does any have opinions of the Wincobank area, particularly around the Vauxhall Road and Barrow Road parts. Seen a house for rent that im interested in but would like views of the area in terms of crime, how safe it is at night etc. Thanks.
  13. Pity its closed...all those ladies of dubious distinction in the area could at least get refreshment if it was still open.
  14. Yeah Tesco on the Wicker does them as well as the Spar on Ecclesall Road.
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