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Any chance for my potatoes?


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Hi - I planted potatoes in a raised bed about 3 weeks ago and of course since then we have had snow, sun, then torrential rain.


It's my first time growing them - do you think they will have rotted? How long before they start poking through generally?

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dont worry they wont rot its the tops at threat from frosts

when they are up we watch the weather reports and if frost is forecast we cover with newspaper at night.if frost catches them they will still come again but you will get a reduced crop

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Guest sibon
Thank you rabitter - been down with my magnifying glass this morning, still nothing, lol!


On the plus side, my carrots are poking through :D


Mine aren't through yet either. You need to be an especially bad gardener to fail to grow potatoes though:)


I've been to my plot a couple of times this week to check that they haven't come through yet. When they do, it is hard work keeping them earthed up to protect against frost.


Mine can stay underground for another week, please.

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