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  1. aargh saga continues, hve tried caravans again, yes 8 berths hve 2 doubles but the third bedrooms are invariably bunks!! I can't put us in pull down in living room as dad needs to move around at night but he couldn't manage on a pulldown bed, nightmare really. Cheapest do far anywhere near Barmouth and inland to Bala n actually up to 50 miles around is £800 for a week in June. I hve spent hours on ebay, groupon has nothing, im going to eat worms now...
  2. thanks all, will look at dog friendly hotels but we do need 3 rooms, hence looking for cottage, thought might be cheaper,.Looking at cottages as must hve 2 doubles n a full size single at least, due to parents ages n disabilities , caravans seem to have 1 double n rest singles. Have tried Sykes n cheapest was £650, hve looked n looked n if 2 bedrooms price is reasonable, 3 bedrooms n its lots more. Will look on owners direct n under the thatch. Think we may hve to abandon this, parents will be so disappointed, they just can't take in how expensive holidays r in the U.K . Thanks all again
  3. Thanks, didn't realise where I was posting this lol, bit distracted, thx for lead on Sykes cottages, I will take a look.
  4. I am hoping to take my parents on a self catering holiday this June but struggling!! They are in their 80s and need a room each, dad needs a double bed but mum ok in a single, so we would need a three bedroom property that isn't hopelessly expensive. As few stairs as possible. Prefer remote/rural location but flexible somewhere near Lake Bala, Barmouth etc. We have a well behaved dog too. This is likely to be the last time my father travels so far as he has quite advanced COPD. On the way We are hoping to visit where my mother was evacuated during the war, not far from Oswestry, she has never been back since she left there when she went into service aged 14, she was a Barnardos child. It is also their 60th wedding anniversary, so wanted to do something nice. Can anyone help with suggestions as all the places I have tried so far either have 1 double and the rest singles, or bunks. Don't allow pets. Have awkward stairs, or are really expensive! Caravans are not great either as the rooms are usually 1 double and then singles/bunks in other rooms, my dad is up a lot during the night so anyone on the pullout bed in the living room would be disturbed. Aargh!! Many thanks
  5. if u can hang on, make a pile of everything that needs burning and have your big bonfire around bonfire night, doesn't bother neighbours then.
  6. well we are ready for a new puppy!!. We said goodbye to our molly collie over a year ago and we are ready to have a new addition to the family. We are looking for a golden retriever, collie, labrador or combinations of those breeds, preferably a boy and must be a puppy. Does anyone know anywhere reputable that has any litters, dont want to go via gumtree or anywhere like that many thanks.
  7. we converted a childs wooden playhouse, worked really well as materials were all child safe therefore no sharp edges etc, then built and attached a run as tall as door about four feet high and as wide as the house, was cheaper than a converting a shed. We put a small doorless hutch inside which worked as a sleeping compartment and was off the floor to avoid draughts
  8. hmmm, jealous, i have sown peas three times this year, indoors, outdoors, nonw survived, slugs, mice and weather, i can only dream now i suppose.
  9. mine are about three feet high, third attempt this year, frosts and slugs have defeated me so far , i nip tops off beans in general seems to help growth further down stalk , but as i am a haphazard veg grower i generally miss some and it doesn't seem to make so much difference.
  10. our molly was a labxborder collie, perfect dog !!!! miss her every day
  11. Helloo, we need pallets, we need a shed on our allotment but have no money to buy one or the materials to build one so we are going to try to build one from pallets, as we have no practical skills whatsoever it will be a laugh, so has anyone go any pallets going spare?
  12. oh, best get to it this weekend then
  13. ours are up too, no frosts now please
  14. lying to prevent the enforced sharing of chocolate is legal and to be encouraged, no female judge would convict on that basis
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