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Can someone maybe throw some light on a problem i have.My operating system is Vista Home Premium and i am using Office 2007 which was installed approx 2 months ago,and i use Internet Explorer.The problem is that when i go to start,search and type in , say three letters, i start to get a list of news stories etc under the heading of Communications.It can be really any three letters and loads ofthese headlines appear.I have no idea where these come from.I would like to stop these be downloaded to my computer as i have not set anything to allow this.I assume a lot of space is being used with these stories and would like to reclaim the space.

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Thanks for the reply.I have been thinking of changing my o/s as i have xp installed on my desktop but don`t think its being supported as much by microsoft?Vista is installed on my laptop and is about 2 years old.Think the problem arose by installing office 2007.

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I use outlook but i am not aware of subscribing to anything.


Open Outlook, go to the Tools menu, then Accounts. Open the RSS Feeds tab. If there are any items in the list there, select each on and use the Remove button.

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