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  1. I had one for a while. They have good roms on Xda. They don't natively have multi touch screens but if you root it and look it up you can make it multitouch. U have to have a certain kinda screen tho and I was lucky. To today's standards the build quality etc is not that bad but abit plasticky you can take semi decent pictures if the lightings right.I upgraded my x8 last year with the Xperia neo. Much better than the x8 and could probably pick one up for under 100 now.
  2. Maybe it was the advert's i saw google chrome book being released not long ago.. With chrome os that is
  3. Yeah apple do my head in.. sueing the people that supply their internal parts. lol. (samsungs chips etc)
  4. you mean this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome_OS? that was made in 2009?
  5. Chrome os? Chrome of what i know is not an os its a internet browser. and the only other os i know is googles android.
  6. google os? you mean android?? that came out in 2008 ish.. but yeah, if your talking tech this year. you wna look at quad core phones etc
  7. This is as close as i can help you mate.. http://www.appbrain.com/app/android-parental-control/com.vlobe.smartappcloud.android.parentalcontrol Take a look
  8. if you got xbox already// go for a newer model. if you hate paying for xbox live get a ps3
  9. I do see this as a good thing.. i look at the other guy loob... think to my self if he/she likes the same style movies n music as i do, in the past few months they've gone n baught the albums n paid cinema prices... ill laugh in their face as they've forked out alot of money for something widely available for free
  10. I don't say i am entitled to everything for free. I just don't like the fact that people pay money for things they could get for free. i see 5 or 6 cd's at hmv, their gonna cost me £50.. thats £50 i don't have to spend on those things so i go home and get them for free.
  11. maybe banned is the wrong word.. my question is... are your kids going to school and getting taught Baa baa rainbow sheep... or baa baa black sheep? at the school our kids go to they get taught rainbow sheep for the reason i mentiond before
  12. Last week i had a facebook widget. clock widget email widget and weather widget on my ipod so that bits not right... anything you can do on android i can do with my ipod... apart from put another OS on it/ rom on it or w,e it is you prefer to call it but i am with you on the drop down notifications panel and apple copying it.. but why not its a good idea.. pointless having that bar at the top for it to do nothing but tell you the time date and battery,
  13. oh ryt maybe i am wrong... but a "friend" who has family he visits in pakistan asked me if i could get any blocked iphones he would take them abroad and bring them back unblocked.. thats where i got the bs from lol not my own thoughts like the bs you came out with
  14. Wiki can be open to question but it can also point you in the right direction to more solid sources. i got a solid source for ya sort of lol .. just been to my mrs' to ask about this as she use to teach at (un named) primary school n she told me they are being taught to sing rainbow sheep as it incurridges multi cultureism for the children..
  15. One last thing.. when i first saw the title of this thread i was thinking along the lines of free speach./ not childrens rhymes., so i came onto this thread to say ..... no not where the police are concerned... tell them something they dont like n they'll lock you uppp... so no theirs no free speach in certain places
  16. Same here... it is not a myth when ur kids are coming back telling you this is what schools been teaching us today.... some people rely upon user editable sites such as wiki to make their point valid.. when clearly the person who wrote that wiki page didn't go visiting sheffield schools asking about a rainbow coloured sheep
  17. I cba reading para's of something im not interested in.. heres my pov.. if people on here are saying baa baa black sheep being changed to rainbow sheep is a myth then it maybe a myth in certain areas.. but i know for a fact that a bunch of school kids have come home telling us that they can't call it black sheep anymore 'cos its racist... that has come out of a childs mouth so how can anyone on here say schools teaching kids rainbow sheep is a myth... when its not. thats all am saying
  18. Their is no way i will ever "pay" for software-dvds-music or anything else you can put on a laptop/ps3/iphone. you pay for the hardware yeah but not for anything else
  19. I am 95% sure that when iv got a few kb downloaded already it starts seeding straight away, am sure it doesn't just seed out when downloads complete and it says seeding...(this is when the torrents get deleted btw) i don't mind catching fish and stealing boats but when it comes to sharing theres no point, tbh im glad not everybody thinks like me other wise i wouldn't have been able to do what i do..
  20. What bits not true??? i know for sure that the kids been taught to say rainbow sheep and not to say black sheep as the kids have come back from school telling us "your not aloud to call it black sheep now because thats racist" this has come from a kids mouth aged 8.
  21. You can take them abroad and bring them back they'll work here again after opening up to service again
  22. Where did you get that BS from? if you block your stolen phone then get it back. you ring off another phone and tell them you got it back give them the imei and they unblock it.. lol never heard of that what u just mentioned
  23. Change everything mate.. in a few clicks i could have it looking and operating just like htc sense would. atm i got it as normal but with different fonts// icons// layout (not just a grid of apps/folders i have them spaced out so i can see the wallpaper i got on it) i modded the lockscreen a few times different clock on it music player and ability to click facebook or any other fave app from the lock sceen different ways of unlocking it etc etc... tbh could go on all day, a cool cydia app i got (only if your into gaming etc) is iapcracker.. it lets you have in app purchases for free .. anything else you want to know or been thinking about let me know n ill tell u about it
  24. Paranoia of thinking singing "blah blah black sheep" will be classed as racially slandering the ethnic pupels of the schools involved in changing the words to the childrens poem.. that's why its been changed.. or so i think anyway... why else would they change something thats been that way for years.. if anything i wouldnt think saying black sheep is racist. if anything its a member of family that other members of family think is not a good person.
  25. I doubt it, not even the ipad 3 has a quad core processor so doubt they'll put something as nifty as that in a "budget tablet-mini ipad thing"
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