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  1. It's not a discussion when the only posts permitted are those which go "oh my, you're right, how has nobody ever seen this before?", it's just ego-massaging. That or trolling. I'm not sure how anyone can find a thread about people drowning as entertainment. Unless of course you're trying to build up your ego or trolling...
  2. He didn't ask for an answer, in fact, quite the opposite. It's another troll post where he just wants to post his theories, but only wants other like-minded people to post their acceptance, not debate or discussion on the validity of those theories. He know's they're probably wrong, but it's much more fun to blame anonymous ship designers and crew for clearly being idiots than it is to have a sensible discussion about ship design. He's said before he doesn't post things to discuss the rights and wrongs of that topic, he does it to get others to post, and apparently this is the sort of topics we should have on this forum rather than the normal topics where people might get told they don't understand something they don't understand. The forum is much better once you put him on ignore and don't bother reading his trolling attempts.
  3. It depends on how good the equipment is. I can overload the IF stage of my laptops wifi adaptor by putting a 5.8GHz video sender next to it, meaning I get no wifi signal at all.
  4. There won't be any sync issues, that's a simple analogue radio link. I wouldn't go plugging it into any decent speakers though, as they have a nasty habit of popping, clicking and distorting if you so much as look at them strongly. Also, if you have any other wireless devices, expect interference.
  5. Try using that argument when you decide to have a look round an airbase. Or prison. Or nuclear power plant.
  6. Of course, there's no negative effects from paying everybody a significantly* higher wage is there? (*for someone on minimum wage, even £1/hour more would be a significant increase. I'm not talking about giving everyone an extra £1000/week).
  7. We also elected the Government who told EMT they have to install barriers and reduce fare evasion in Sheffield as part of their franchise. We also foster too many people who believe that public money = public access, when it's completely and demonstrably nonsense.
  8. There are many positive effects though, from increased employment and a more stable economy through to better living standards. Not to mention the ability to go and work / live abroad as and when you feel like.
  9. And yet it's happened already once this year. Would anybody benefit from such activity? You're wrong. Your flight to Singapore will almost certainly pass without a hitch.
  10. AFAIK, the plan is to install 25kV compatible OHLE structures, which will be initially energised at 750V for the tram trains. The OHLE will subsequently be switched over to 25kV when the MML eventually electrification reaches Rotherham (the tram-trains themselves will be dual voltage from day 1). There are no plans for grade seperation of the two routes to the south of Rotherham Central. The OHLE won't be ripped up, it would be mothballed. It's only more expensive when you try to justify the tram-train as a single project for South Yorkshire. When seen in the context of a national experiment which could potentially save millions of pounds in rolling stock and infrastructure costs in the future, it's a simple, small, R&D cost, which we ultimately benefit from.
  11. Well you quite clearly don't understand anything about our immigration policy then.
  12. Oh, was it erroneous to find your attempts at debate amusing? And where was the insult? If you mean the jester comment, I think you'll find they were actually highly respected members of the court.
  13. Because you have the debating skills of a court jester. Assuming of course, you're posting like this for comic effect...
  14. These are the types of business who are already looking elsewhere because of the local population. These types of shops only survive if the locals want them to be there, or sufficient outsiders can be dragged in. Sheffield has no tourist attraction, and isn't a convenient stop for travellers, so these types of business are reliant on the locals. Who don't want the city centre to thrive, don't want interesting shops when they could have another poundland, and certainly don't want to see the council make a success of anything. You have to work ten times harder to make a small business work in Sheffield than in it's competitors, and you get ten times more hassle while doing so. Even if everything is exactly as the customer wants, they'll still find something to complain about, be that the price, how wet they got walking from the car or how the last time they visited in 1984 they had some ill treatment from the busker outside the shop next door and want compensation.
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