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  1. Hi I am looking to get any help i can to increase exposure in my fund raising campaign to purchase a diabetic insulin pump Any help in sharing the link would be much appreciated as would any donations if you can afford £1 to spare to help turn a life a round Thanks for reading Thanks https://www.gofundme.com/justice-for-sick-employees&rcid...
  2. diagnosed type 1 aged 25 myself. now on needles and tablets after years on just needles then years on just tablets now require both and specialists tell me that the experts are now thinking there are not just type 1 and type 2 but subtle variants inbetween of which i may well be one!
  3. i am diabetic and always been give any new meters and kit and indeed spares so i can keep one at work or the mrs etc for free without hassle by my diabetic nurse or specialist i see once every so months etc that comes from the centre at the hallamshire. never had an issue at all even with sharps boxes too
  4. hmm sheffield and proud...except when it came to help trying to save her "beloved" don valley stadium along with seb coe and his "legacy" shame on them. i've met her and her coach and went to school with her coach's wife seems she is quick to forget her roots
  5. er what leaflet? im on the effected 1/1a route and heard nothing except the sign at the bus stop, the buses do not have the timetable or new routes on them to pick up, the mini interchange on arundle gate has withdrawn every single bus timetable leaflet when i called in last week and the woman at the counter did not know when they would be printed, or if the new service is a shared one with cross over tickets, all i got was look online, poor effort
  6. lived here for 3 years never had any real issues or crime and the one bad one ( the murdered organist alan greaves) was grassed up to the police by his so called "friends" sooo..... lived in nether edge before everyone said such a lovely area and enjoyed living there but saw way more crime in s7 than s35 and the police wouldn;t even attend in s7 for fear of upsetting the locals! if there is such a code of silence how come they know where to strike and when to get the people they are looking for?
  7. errr think you will find it was the locals of high green who named and shamed to help catch the guy who murdered alan greaves a couple of years ago, the police by all accounts didn't have a clue and it was his "friends" who offered him up!
  8. well one of the shops is called something continental stores and the other is osmans i think then there are a couple further up
  9. try some of the continental shops on london and abbeydale road
  10. i'd just batter the **** within an inch of his life and claim it was self defense as they came at me when i caught them. who would a jury believe a criminal probably well know to the police and likely to have a record of convictions or a member of society with a steady job and no convictions. bring it on, come try robbin me punk!!!
  11. don't be so rash. he may have cured the problem.
  12. sharpes on bottom of moor round corner opp staples etc or they have one on abbeydale road and are very good prices too
  13. asda chapletown charges 9.9p per £1.. ( yeah i have no idea about how.9 works either) you have to go redeem your voucher in the same store the same day for the cash
  14. had family live in high green for about 6 years, lived here myself for 2/3 never had any real problems at all apart from not liking a neighbour too much, some parts seem quieter than others though tbh
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