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Circus vegas, Hillsborough park


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I've just found a website that said they are £6.99, anyone know the times??


We went last Saturday (on my Birthday), the times were 2 PM till 4 PM and 5 PM till 7 PM.

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Its only 6.99 on a Wednesday.

We went last Wednesday and it was 6.99 pp.


Normal prices are between £12 & £16.00 for kids and £15 and £21.50 for adults (if i remember rightly!) depending on where you want to sit.


I would say its defo worth £6.99 per person but to pay for front seats it would have cost us £59.00 which is wayyyyy to pricey!


If you do want to go at any other day tho then go for the cheapest seats as it is only a few rows back and you can see just as well and I dont wanna give too much away but if you go for the back seats you wont get wet lol!

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its aimed at bringing the family out and being together and then they charge that price its disgusting, me and my partner have 3 children between us and we both work hard but will defo not be paying that price to go there

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I want to take the kids today, but having no luck finding a contact number for them that I can actually get through to them on.


Does anyone have any contact numbers for them? :help: Just want to double check their show times for today before I set off.



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