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  1. Can anyone tell me where i could buy a small canister of helium tomorrow please ?
  2. So funny. “The uncut grass outside my windows is causing me anxiety” Well heres a suggestion.... get a pair of gardening shears and get it cut then!!
  3. Nonsense about the road being inaccessible... odd that, the bus has been round on it's route unaffected and everyone has been to and from work easy enough!!
  4. Still not emptied... are we meant to manage until next week now
  5. Absolutely. This is the real tragedy. I also really hope Sainsburys absorb them into the parent company.
  6. Where will I get my frozen chopped spinach from now
  7. Not far at all from s35 but yeh s6 Rumour has it someone has been stabbed and a body found Terrible news
  8. What a shame! It was great to have a netto back. Pity it couldn't continue stood alone without sainsburys involvement
  9. http://Www.wickercamp.co.uk In addition to mixed beginners classes 8pm Mondays and Wednesdays there are women only classes on Sundays, circuit class and padwork class. First class free.
  10. I hope you stay right, but there are a number of young children running around off the lead there too!! Joking aside, should whatever substance that's being given to the dogs be left on the ground maybe and a toddler/child picks it up there is a risk that the substance could be passed to mouth and ingested, causing harm.
  11. There has been more than one reported incident recently of dogs being walked in hillsborough park who have been fed something by a small group of young lads; the dog then rapidly deteriorates, suffering terribly and dying a very painful and quick death. Please be aware; this is a public health concern and risk.
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