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  1. What about people who, according to government Doctors, are unfit to work? I had to be signed off as "sick" before I could get a solitary penny, but I've been doing voluntary work for years, and have been told I can work a few hours a week in a paid job and keep my benefits if I only earn a small amount of wage.
  2. Oh come on, even you aren't that daft.. What else do people do on the khazi besides wee?
  3. Dunno about you but after eating loads of chocolate I always want the loo, and not just for a wee
  4. The only reason Stannington has gone downhill is because some barmpot in the Council decided several years ago to move all the loonies off the old Kelvin Flats and the Wybourn into the area, that's why the Hare and Hounds is gone and nobody goes in the Sportsman, too many idiots causing problems.
  5. Your = you're. And thanks, I'm on Holiday the first week in July and am doing a course at Sheffield College when I come back, but if I get an interview for this, I'll have to put the course on hold. I have experience of working with Lego, it was my fave toy as a kid, and when I worked in the toy department at Debenham's in Town in 1996, I handled large quantities in the stock room, as I did a lot of stock control of Lego kits back then.
  6. I have the CEA card, and pay for the Unlimited card every month, so I try to go to Cineworld at least twice a month to get my money's worth out of the £15 a month price tag.
  7. Yay! A new shop in Meadowhall! And one I'll actually use as well (perhaps in a few years when my nephew and niece are old enough for Lego) I've just applied for part time work there, we shall see what happens.
  8. We don't actually, not unless we do as I do and pay £15 a month for a Cineworld Unlimited card. Whoever told you all DLA claimants get free Cinema tickets is clearly an idiot, and probably reads the Daily Fail.
  9. Won't happen, like I said yesterday, no amount of bleating from angry Daily Fail readers will ever get rid of benefits.
  10. Stop trolling, Stannington is nowhere near as rough as Manor and you know it, especially seeing as most of the estates in Stannington are populated by young families or pensioners.
  11. A Father's Day card for Dad for today, £2.89 from WH Smiths in Meadowhall yesterday.
  12. Won't happen, the Daily Fail readers can clamour for it all they want.
  13. Well done. Not that I eat much meat. Pub?
  14. Mr Clegg doesn't have much input AFAIK, most of the polcies come from Dave Cameron.
  15. Hmm, so if I moved into that 2 bed Maisonette on the Woodfarm that I saw on Sheffield Property shop last week, I wouldn't be sanctioned for having a second bedroom I probably wouldn't use? (Not as a bedroom in itself anyway).
  16. I voted Liberal at the last election both local and National.. I don't like Dave Cameron, I never have and never will, and Labour are run by numpties.
  17. I'm 5'4" and if/when I ever drive I want a Yaris like Mum's.
  18. 10 pints? I would've breathlised you and done you for being over the limit.
  19. Hmm, my upgrade's probably due in August, what should I go for? Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3?
  20. Another pair of singers I'd like to meet would be Donny and Marie Osmond, I used to think Marie was gorgeous, would be interesting to see if she's kept ker looks now she's in her 50s.
  21. Try the fishing group in the special interests section.
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