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For anyone trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight I'd seriously recommend:


MY FITNESS PAL - it's a FREE on-line site



You make friends, support, motivate and celebrate with each other, count your calories (easy!) using the on-line food list/database shared by members which doesn;t take long, and you get extra calories for any exercise you do inc. walking or preparing food/cleaning etc etc.


It works it all out for you!


There are people on there losing some SERIOUS weight eg 4 stone +, a lot of Americans as well as Brits, lots of new mums etc etc. also people w. dsabilities in wheelchairs or with mobility probs, young teens, older people...


I just lost 20lbs post-baby and am now down to 10.5 stone - about my lowest ever adult weight!! It's free so if you've got easy on-line access why not give it a go if you are trying to lose? Good Luck!!! 8D



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I've been using it for 5 months now - 30lbs lost (I'm male, 35)


The phone apps are great (both Android and iOS versions) which makes it easier for a bloke to use.


My tip is to plan your day in the morning and add in what you know you will be eating that day. So add in your breakfast, lunch and tea before you start eating snacks to help you keep on track.


Also - log your food every day - and log everything. If you have a few drinks and decide to skip adding them because it will look bad on your profile then it really wont work. I lost weight every week apart from when I was on holiday (without access to the app) when I gained 4lbs.

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