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  1. it isnt the heater its the water pumping round
  2. only last week on my way to work a guy was asked for his fare refused to give conductor any money an wen was asked to get off he chucked the drink of coffee he had all iver the floor an it went everywhere and a couple of weeks ago a young couple wouldnt pay or get off so the driver actually came up to the back of the tram where they was an wouldnt move the tram till they got off an eventually they did so as i see alot get away with paying i have also seen them challenged
  3. did anybody see a blue focus parked across from wisewood school this morning get damaged by another car van bus anything as its made a right mess on the front passenger side all help will be greatfully recieved
  4. it was for the funeral of a biker called gus that sadly lost his life in a motor bike accident ?
  5. the brightbus finished on last day of term dnt know if any other has been sorted out for transport for the school children
  6. they could get just 1 route a shift or sometimes few different routes a day
  7. it does have a big sticker on the windscreen saying untaxed vehicle
  8. we got our shihtzu dog in october from a private seller he is 8 yr old we was told he is great with other dogs but it turns out he isnt an going for walks is starting to be a nightmare is it too late to train him to get along with other dogs
  9. i had a letter a couple of weeks ago about yorkshire water doing some work in the area but cnt find the letter with the dates on does anybody in s6 wadsley/worral know if its today because my hot taps are hardly giving any water out an just want to make sure before i report a problem to repairs section of housing thanks
  10. ours in s6 should have been emptied yeaterday was told at 4.30 they are getting emptied an its now wed an still not emptied was told again in the phone today will be emptied but nope ?
  11. it would get some gd buisness from bus depot an id get a day off making fella his pack up ?
  12. just seen on facebook been a bad rta on derek dooley way
  13. If you have facebook ask sheffield online to put a ost on about it hope you find them an hope ur son is ok x
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