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Nevada Nuclear Test Clips

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These are something else!!!




When your on the view page,(Short clips from the film) the first choice works the best! (I have viewed them in WMP just fine)


If you're into this sort of thing, this DVD is awesome, I've got it on Blu-ray. This book is also very good, it's got photos of 100 above ground nuclear tests that the USA have done.

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The best one ever is the Baker test where they blow up a load of redundant US Navy ships left over from WW2 with an underwater bomb. It's only a small bomb by later standards, but the footage is amazing and has that genuine Cold War feel -


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This is a map of all nuclear explosions to date.There has been over 2000 bombs exploded since their invention.




It starts slow keep watching.


Most of them were underground though. The age of atmospheric nuclear tests only lasted till 1963 when they rapidly realised how much nuclear fallout they were producing.


This is a good site too - http://www.cddc.vt.edu/host/atomic/atmosphr/index.html

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