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  1. What are the guarantees that you can buy the pub and it won't be sold to a higher bidder? And what are the guarantees on peoples money they invest, or is it loaned to the venture with no guarantees?
  2. This is like playing Dragons Den for real I've read the documents now and there's a lot of questions not answered. Is there a full share prospectus available? I'd like to know exactly what the shares are and how they work. I understand that if the venture fails then the shares become worthless. That's the same with any shares, but what happens if the venture is hugely successful? What happens to the profits?
  3. Yes, I get that it's a worthy cause, but it has to be a successful pub too it's in the right area, Kelham Island, as recommended by the New York Times as one of their top travel destinations - http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/26/travel/a-tasting-tour-of-yorkshires-beers-and-ales.html
  4. Is that prospectus actually a legal share offer? http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/uploads/communityshares/gardenersrest/gardeners_rest_sod_updated.pdf It seems a worthy cause and 5% interest might be a good return, but they don't even state the term the interest. Is that 5% per year or 5% over 5 years? I'd also be concerned that everyone has equal voting rights. How does that work?
  5. Can you show us a picture or screenshot or the aerial photos? The dig a Whirlow Hall this summer revealed a Roman compound, a rectangular enclosure about 70m square, probably a farm with some fortification: http://archaeologicalresearchservices.com/news/252-whirlow-hall-farm-2016-excavations
  6. You may not associate Primark with quality, but the Weston family which own Primark are big sponsors of the arts. They also own Fortnum & Mason and Heal's, both very upmarket shops. The Cast Courts at the V&A Museum were refurbished with their backing and are now called the Weston Cast Courts. And the New Bodleian Library in Oxford has been renamed the Weston Library after their sponsorship of the recent refurbishment. They're also major donors to the Conservative party.
  7. What are these ear drops? If they're for loosening and removing wax then use olive oil. You can buy an empty dropper bottle for this purpose from the chemists.
  8. I agree. It's a bigger issue than just football. Are all the threads about historical sex abuse in Entertainment Chat?
  9. By revealing some details? Then Roman archaeologists could examine your claim. The possibility of establishing on Sheffield Forum that you have found a Roman Fort previously unknown to archaeology is exactly zero.
  10. There's a simple answer to the question about why people speed. They drive fast because they enjoy it.
  11. Accepting the judgement of the court, there are two totally different possibilities in cases of rape and murder. They are very different crimes. In the case of a murder we know that the murder took place, so if the defendant is found not guilty then someone else must have done it. It's different with rape because there are two possibilities with a not guilty verdict. Either the crime didn't happen and the allegation is false, or someone else did it.
  12. What was the cheaper variety of truffle recommended on an earlier post on this thread? Unfortunately the post was deleted, so maybe the recommended variety was poisonous or something?
  13. It wasn't so long ago that they weren't allowed to open on a Sunday because there was no fish landing or wholesale fish market that day. The fish wouldn't have been fresh.
  14. I imagine the footballer will get a lot of compensation for wrongful conviction and the jail time he served. How long was he actually imprisoned for?
  15. What does 'most dangerous destination' mean? I can believe India and Turkey are high up the list just because of their appalling driving standards and the danger of dying on the roads. I haven't been to the other countries, but Egypt has a reputation as a country you would never want to drive in.
  16. You can photograph anyone who is in a public space, don't let the police or anyone else tell you otherwise, but you need permission to photograph on private property. I have no idea how the law stands on publishing photographs of people in public spaces. Does anyone know the answer?
  17. Salford's finest? Surely that's Mark E Smith?
  18. They're for sale online when in season, which is around now. I've considered buying a small white truffle just for the experience, but they're incredibly expensive and I suspect I'm one of those people incapable of tasting them.
  19. The TV licence is 40p a day, surely a bargain?
  20. The final picture before demolition on the Libraries service Picture Sheffield: http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;v03032&pos=136&action=zoom&id=44290 There are other earlier pictures on the site. The Peugot dealer was Gregory and Dench where I bought my first car in Sheffield.
  21. Scotland? Our Elizabeth II is their Elizabeth I.
  22. Everyone knows Go Johnny Go Go Go Go -
  23. I predict that your prediction about my prediction will be 100% correct.
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