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  1. I last got a record I ordered in the mail 16rpm - "Modern Italian Opera of the 20th century" - Sounds excellent!!
  2. I havwnt ever Uncovered a dirty scheme in the government V
  3. Nope...... Next member doesnt pay thier TV tax. (Alot of people do not I hear)
  4. Dude111

    A-Z of Places

    Vermont (Any place in that state) W
  5. Xtra activites in GYM class for students who want more stuff to do..... Y
  6. No not that I remember...... Next member loves CB radio
  7. I last got a VHS tape I ordered in the mail
  8. I havent ever eaten anything from the garbage..... F
  9. Dude111

    Beer Cannon

    I just got around 410 but I lost it all as this stupid mouse doesnt work well and I cant move it fast!!! (My score started dropping and I closed the page when I had 20)
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