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  1. My apologies I have been on holiday!! I have to work hard to contribute to the lefties benefits somehow and need a break every so often. I am glad I mean so much to you that you missed me. 😘 Good to see you are all still obsessed as ever though. This will be a fun re-election campaign. I really hope Joe - I have done absolutely nothing for 40 years in the senate - Biden gets the Democrat nomination. I wonder whose speeches he will steal this time. This will be great. We can just pretend that president Trump does not fill stadiums out whilst democrats struggle to fill a medium sized hatchback. He is that unpopular.... Incoming from Halibut - but heeee's a wayyycisssttt.
  2. But but but...... you kept telling us he went bankrupt and was a failed businessman. Yet still earned $484 Million last year. I am certain you eclipsed that because you are so bright! Are you saying your parents were not intelligent and could not leave you a good inheritance? And seeing how intelligent you are can you let us know which shares or Index tracker to invest in that are guaranteed to be worth more in 40 years time. Not only worth a bit more but a 3900% guaranteed return on investment. I await your reply. If only we all had a crystal ball like you we could be rich as well!!! Never mind the fact that you cannot touch the money and have to leave it invested! You can eat grass whilst watching your wealth grow. I'll save you a reply because you can't name one and the person who wrote that has no clue on investing. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. See Neil Woodford and his fire sale on his fund now. He was the darling of investors.
  3. You are perpetually offended by everything, You are brainwashed by the media as evidenced of the last 2 years of the Russian Collusion hoax and your gullibility to fall for it. You are male feminist. You hate people with differing opinions. You have labeled them Racists, Nazi's, Misogynists, Homophobic, Islamophobic etc. All because they just have a different opinion to you. You don't just hate, you actually despise the people who vote differently from you. You are big leftie anarchist. 🤣 Hahahahahaha. Have to put that on the back burner for a little bit whilst he goes after the traitors that attempted the coup on a sitting president. I know you hate Trump with an unparalleled passion but let's break it down a little. He owns or has significant interest in 565 different companies. He only had an income of $484M in 2018. https://www.scribd.com/document/410345258/President-Trump-2018-Annual-Financial-Disclosure $484M yearly = $40.33M monthly = $9,307,692.31 weekly = $1,325,156.06 daily = $55,214.84 hourly = $920.25 per minute = $15.34 per second. The man you and others label as stupid earns more in an hour than you probably all earn collectively in a year. I only wish I was that stupid to earn that much.
  4. Just look in a mirror. I really don't think you could get any more extreme far left than yourself. You hold so much hate for those that do not agree with you that it is sad to see.
  5. Yeah all those woke Labour voters. Those who cheer Corbyn on for not meeting Trump are so intelligent and love him. Corbyn is to attend an anti-Trump demo tomorrow. Meanwhile.... (From 2015-2017) Knife crime up 52% Burglary up 15% Robbery up 59% Acid attacks up 90% Murders up 27.1% Rape up 18% Also a failure to freeze public transport fares, reduce the cost of bus travel, plant two million trees, set up his own energy company and miss the target of building affordable home by 70% in London from what he promised. He does love blaming everyone else for him being an utter failure though. Yep he is doing a great job from a lefty standpoint, All normal people however think he is a useless mayor (also known as a stone cold loser) who is more interested in identity politics whilst also representing terrorists as a human rights lawyer. I wonder where his high morals were then. Or was he forced to defend them? At least the Queen came out in Brexit Party blue in solidarity with the sane portion of society. Well done your majesty.
  6. Is he wrong? He has done a terrible job. A disgusting job in fact. Very accurate tweet from the President.
  7. Prepare for the soy boy meltdown and protests from people who cannot get jobs as the Donald comes to town. I hope he invites Prime Minister elect Farage for a meeting.
  8. Real people will have jobs to go to so they probably will not have time. He will get protested by the lunatic lefties who have no jobs though and are indoctrinated to think orange man bad.
  9. It's absolutely fine. Our politicians never criticise or comment on Trump's domestic policies do they? Of course not. As Car Boot said above it is no different to Obama campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU before the referendum. Obama warning us that we would go to the back of the queue for trade talks if we voted to leave EU was fine by remainers. Donald Tusk urged Brits to vote Change UK for the Euro elections. That worked really well. Verhofstadt was over here, prancing around with Vince, and still losing. Seems to be a theme going on there. Personally I am looking forward to some edgelord on the left looking for their 5 minutes of fame by throwing a milkshake at the president and getting a welcome to reality by the secret service.
  10. Well Peterborough will be that litmus test next week. A vote for the Brexit Party is no longer a wasted vote. The Brexit Party are the perfect example of the disenfranchised voters revenge. It turns out that the electorate do not like being ignored. Who would have thought..... Labour and the Conservatives are terrified at the moment.
  11. Maybe not in Europe. Here in the UK though..... I think we reached the tipping point.
  12. Really. I read there was issue with just a few. Got any numbers? The only reports I saw was maybe hundreds. Hardly going to affect any results. The Tories are a leaver party as stated in their manifesto. Leaving Conservatives out of "Pro Brexit" is a tad dubious. They've just been rubbish at organising it. Also Labour stated they wanted a soft brexit. If there was a Remain party that formed 6 weeks ago and got the majority of the vote remainers would say that was a clear message.......Change UK you say.....oh wait. Labour, Conservatives, UKIP and Brexit are all pro-leave from a party stand point. The conservatives have rejected a 2nd ref over and over, Corbyn is Anti EU and has been from the start and the fact he wont come out fully behind 2nd referendum is why they have been bleeding voters for months. Government: "We'll implement the results of the referendum, leave or remain" leave wins Government: "Well obviously we can't leave. Let's have an EU election in the UK 3 years after the referendum" Brexit party wins after being here for a few weeks. Remainers: "The results are clear, people want a second referendum"?!?!?!?!? "Bigotry rises 17% across Britain": BBC news tomorrow probably. Donald Tusk: vote for change UK Farage: vote for Brexit party Brexit party 29 seats so far to Change UK's ..... 0 That worked out well for a foreigner meddling in our elections. To sum up this night the Brexit Party won and remainers try to tally up all other parties that lost to compare it using mental gymnastics that would make them look like stretch armstrong with all the reaching they do. Put this in a very real perspective. If a general election was called soon there is a very real possibility that Nigel Farage could be the next prime minister. Labour now have to stop fence sitting and decide leave or remain and the Tories have no option but go hard brexit or be entirely decimated by the the Brexit Party. There is a major reason why super majorities were ruled out for the EU referendum. It's because the SNP insisted that the Indy Ref in 2014 had to be a simple majority of 50% + 1. Once that was agreed, the EU ref had to be done on the same basis. Leave won. To deny carrying it out means you hate democracy. Thank the SNP for that. In a General Election there is no seat for coming second in the constituency vote. The remainers would have to get behind a single party. Night night.
  13. People (and all the "experts" and mainly remainers) seems to have forgotten 2 important things: 1) Many Leavers have boycotted this election, because we shouldn't even be involved, costing the tax payer over £100mil. 2) All EU nationals in the UK can vote in this EU election, guess which side/parties they vote for? this means lib dems & greens votes are artificially inflated, when it comes to the General Election and god forbid 2nd ref, the remain side will be without those votes from EU nationals. Also don't forget after 3 years of nastiness and abuse thrown at Leavers, a lot of people have become "quiet" Leavers, (like the "quiet conservatives", and not answering polls, not talking about politics, but they do their talking in the voting booth. Hence why Leave won in 2016, people who rarely or never votes, when it comes to such an important issue, they vote in large and unexpected numbers. In a general election any remain party will split the vote and the Brexit Party will mop the floor with them manifesto or not. This is what it would look like in a first past the post system. Still want another referendum or election? The Brexit Party currently on 29 seats are now the largest single party in the European Parliament out of every single country. Could get a few more yet.
  14. Because we have an inept government as is being shown in these elections. Brexit party doing great. That does not seem to me that public opinion has shifted.
  15. You seem like a typical sore loser. Most remainiacs are. Enjoy having Prime minister Farage being in charge. The basic arithmetic that means 48% means we don't want to leave because it beats 52%. Oh wait ...... Please remind us all how bright you are again. It's fun.
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