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  1. Even the leftist media know this is no landslide for Biden..
  2. Democrats are in panic mode at the minute. One stat for you all. Since primaries were born in 1912, no incumbent has ever lost the general election after receiving 75% or more of the votes from their party in the primaries. Trump received 94% of all cast in the 2020 Republican primaries. Trump already moved campaigning from Ohio as they have it locked. Whoever wins Ohio has won the presidency. It picks the winner every time. That's why they are scrambling Obama out at the last minute. Don't believe the polls. It will be like 2016 all over again. Florida and Texas are 100% red. As are Ohio and Iowa. Trump just needs a rust belt state which is why they have rolled Obama out at the last minute. Their internal polling must be freaking them out. They are not voting for Trump because they love him. They are voting against the insane left. If any of you think it will be a landslide for Biden or believe the polls you are smoking crack. Just like Biden's son. This will be the biggest republican turnout in history. Biden is campaigning in down ballot house seats that should tell you all you need to know. It doesn't help he seems to have some sort of cognitive disease. Last nights rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. He takes there it's all over for Biden. Now you see why the Dems are imploding. 4 more years! Historic black vote. Historic Latino vote. The momentum is all Trump. Have a nice anxious next 4 days!! The media have been telling you Biden will win easily and is up 8 points nationally. When Trump wins it will be the biggest political feat of all time.
  3. LOL projection much. Seems you either inebriated or upset at your own continued support for discrimination against minorities so I bid you goodnight!! Sleep well.
  4. Helmut Northop already examined the primary data and said Biden has only an 8% chance of winning the election. All other polls are "opinion polls" and were proved wrong in 2016. The model correctly predicted 24 of the last 26 presidential elections including Trumps 2016 win that no one gave him a chance for and give Trump a 91% chance of re-election. That's a 92% accuracy rate in predictions, I'll go with that. They already are.
  5. I think minorities should carry an equal weight. You don't.
  6. Not at all, you agreed that minorities do not matter and the majority should dictate to the minority. And that even though not a single country in the western world has a direct democracy you somehow want one for the US instead of your own country. Americas founding fathers saw a danger in tyranny of the majority who would then pursue exclusively its own interests at the expense of those in the minority. Hence the electoral college.
  7. You overestimate what power a President has. The Governors decide what happens in the individual states. A Governor serves as the chief executive officer and commander-in-chief in each of the fifty states and in the five permanently inhabited territories, functioning as both head of state and head of government therein. Do you think Trump would have allowed all the hate hoaxes the left have subjected him too if he had the power to stop them. There are 3 branches of government for a reason, in that each branch may scrutinize the actions of the other. The reason Trump will get re-elected is he has lost no votes but gained lot's of Democrat votes. This is evidenced in nearly every rally which are just basically data gathering machines for the campaign. He had 6% of the black vote in 2016 and will likely get more than 20% this time. There are no republicans answering polls correctly. They either ignore them or say the opposite of what they will vote. You can mark this and my prediction is 350 electoral votes for Trump. He got 304 last time. Biden has no enthusiasm among voters. He has been in politics 50 years and changed nothing other than getting black people in jail more. Democrats will just vote for anyone opposite to orange man bad. Bernie would have had a much better chance. I do not even think they will allow Biden to have debates because he will get utterly destroyed onstage by Trump. Anyone relying on polling data should just go back 4 years as seen below. Also with all the rioting from the BLM protests people are looking at that and there are record gun sales all over the country. They don't want that happening in their towns and cities. Of course there is always a chance of an upset and Biden wins just like Trump did in 2016 but there will be no apathetic Trump voters assuming he will win this time. They will all vote. There will have been quite a few Democrats in 2016 who just assumed Hilary would win and did not vote. The question is can Biden be the one to rally them. I don't think he can. There are lots of Democrat gun owners and Biden wants to take them away.
  8. How could it not be. They would never have a vote or say in what happens ever again. Rural lives matter too.
  9. To ignore the voting power afforded by the Electoral College for the other 41 smaller states and 3,048 smaller counties would be discriminatory. I thought you hated discrimination and now you are all for it!! Every western country is a representative democracy. Yet Liberals just cry about the US. Please give me that massive list of countries you have that are a direct democracy. They are all run on area systems like the US. Please pray tell what obstacles they are stopping people voting. I am guessing this will be fun.
  10. Are you saying minorities don't matter? I thought that's what the left advocated for all the time. Not unless you are complete hypocrites.
  11. I'll educate you. The electoral college is there to give all the smaller states a voice. if it was not in place then a 319 square mile area of New York with a high population density could decide the vote of over 3 million square miles of country. There are 3,141 counties in the United States, and Donald Trump won the overwhelming majority(2,626 for Trump to 487 for Clinton). There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won in 45 counties. Clinton won only 17 counties. Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes in New York City's five counties (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond and Queens). Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump as Clinton won four of these counties and Trump only won, Richmond. These five counties alone more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country. These five New York counties comprise 319 square miles. The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles. If a popular vote decided the election a president would never have to visit a smaller state ever again. They would only ever campaign in densely populated areas because smaller states would be irrelevant. The most populated states are California at 40 million, Texas at 29 million, Florida at 21 million and New York at 20 million. The next five states have 10 million to 13 million. The other 41 states have less than 7 million each, down to Wyoming with 600,000 voters. 9 states would determine the president every single time. That is exactly what the founders did not want even when there were 14 states. The grey areas on the map below would be irrelevant. Only the highest populated states would matter for any campaigning, and that's why the electoral college exists. The US has never been a direct democracy, it is a representative democracy. It would be similar in the UK if London just had all the voting power for the rest of the country. No other city comes close to having the voting power of London in the UK.
  12. No evidence whatsoever. None. Nothing to see here. Lets also ignore the complete shutdown of The United States, mass fear of a virus, and mass fear of rioting and violence by the communist left. That it happened at all is a HUUUUUGE victory. If you have to block people and reserve fake tickets.... You know you aren't winning at all. Remember Trump supporters won't be able to block Biden rallies because they have jobs.
  13. Remember its a fact that the more informed and intelligent you are the less likely you are to be liberal. Joe Biden is not stupid though, he just has dementia. The people who vote for Biden are stupid. Just a simple example... Democrat "protestors" (more like terrorists) are now tearing down statues of Democrats to teach the country about the Democrats long history of racism. The very same leftists that said Trump will destroy America are the ones burning and looting everything and tearing everything down. Almost like children or sheep. I am sure the swing voters will love that. Who doesn't love a good riot and their businesses burned down in their neighborhoods. Almost like a street party. I'm old enough to remember this .... Can you imagine that the left has to book tickets and not turn up to a Trump rally to stop people going and then antifa terrorists block the entrances to get in. They kept the rally numbers down to 200x Biden’s best rally numbers instead of 500x, "Drumphgh Destroyed". 🤣 If a single Trump supporter did that at a Biden rally they would double the attendance. Trumps worst rally eclipses Dementia Joe's best ever. You all love this guy though who will have to give all his profits back to the government. 🤣🤣🤣. The man who literally said on TV he would lie to get what he wants.
  14. So no evidence at all then. Just opinion and hearsay. lets check the man you want to beat him so badly eh. In the first 5 seconds he drops the word you so badly want Trump on video saying. You all support a racist.
  15. I agree. almost like the 1000 times you and your comrades have posted "evidence" of Trump being a racist from oooooh 50 years ago. He sued black people in the 70's waaaaaah he must be waycist. At least we agree on something Magilla. 😉
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