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  1. I'm only amazed you lot have not accused the Mexicans of being racist for wanting to shut the border. All these racist countries shutting their borders. I am surprised you are not all in the streets protesting. I think the only thing negative about the President is his Covid- 19 test. 😉
  2. Why do you hate Iran? They murder there own citizens, oppress and assault women and kill gay people by law. They fund terror groups across the region. The regime will lose power soon. Why do you hate Obama? I don't hate Obama. He is made out to be some kind of lord and savior by the left who takes credit for anything that Trump gets done. It just isn't true. The career politicians who have done nothing for decades are trying to get elected on things they promise to do but have done nothing for decades in the past. The reason they hate Trump is he does not have to care about a political career and has upset the power apple-cart in Washington so badly they have no idea what to do. Hence the Russian collusion hoax and Ukrainian hoax and sham impeachment that will go nowhere. Trump has been in politics for 3 years and is running in 2020 based off his accomplishments. Joe Biden has been in politics for over 40 years and is running in 2020 based off what he wants to accomplish. Trump is not a politician and he does it for free and takes no wages. He's a problem solver, and he is making it look simple and making them fools in the past. Why do you love Trump? Why you not respect this.... https://www.docdroid.net/KDaSuMo/trumpaccomplishments.pdf He does what he says he is going to do unlike most career politicians. And he can't be bought. He is the first president in history to lose wealth in office all whilst doing it for free. People think he plays to base but he doesn't. He has been saying the same thing for decades. It's funny how everyone loved trump until the moment he ran for president.
  3. Yes anyone who can shoot down a civilian airliner above their own capital in the midst of launching ballistic missiles as an aggressive action against another country. Happens to everyone!!! it's just an accident!! It's no accident when you activate your air defenses and they can't even tell which planes are in the sky. They would end up shooting down half their own air force. An accident is when you trip up, not shoot an airliner out of the sky using surface to air missiles. This are the same army the left are decrying as suppressed and they should be allowed to have nuclear weapons because they are so competent with normal ones. Let's not even start the questions of why civilian airlines are allowed to fly in the midst of a high alert with active air defenses unless they were actively trying to get important people out of the country. Too bad innocent people have died with weapons bought by money that Obama gave them. You will be telling me the 542 drone strikes that Obama authorized that killed an estimated 3,797 people, including 324 civilians were Trumps fault as well I'm sure. Thanks Obama. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-drone-strikes/ Imagine being you and the first thing you can think of is "how can I blame America for this" and not a regime that had just murdered 1500 people a month ago because they protested against the government. I can't even.... The people dancing in the streets of Middle Eastern cities on September 11, 2001 celebrating and the average leftist have become indistinguishable these days. Iran is to blame and solely Iran for this borderline terrorist act. And the Elite Republican Guard was supposed to be manning these batteries which are their "best forces". No wonder they are refusing to hand over the black boxes and are already bulldozing the crash site. If their elite are that incompetent imagine how bad the regulars are.
  4. Really? Last I heard they shot an airliner from the sky. Does anyone think this was not a surface to air missile.
  5. So Iran has killed 0 Americans (so far) . But 78 Iranians died in a stampede and now they may have accidentally shot down a Ukrainian plane. Not a good day for Iran. What are the odds of a plane developing engine failure in the midst of rockets flying in a country on high alert and immediately saying that was the cause of the crash without an investigation. Worst revenge strike ever.
  6. Iranian planes in the air likely to avoid being destroyed on the ground I don't think they went to Iraq. Reports that the U.S air force is currently hitting targets around ain Al Assad base of backed Iranian militia PMU and kataib Hezbollah. Which stopped the ground attack on the base by the Iranian back militias. The U.S forces are routing the PMU. I think this maybe a ceremonial attack to save face for the Iranian regime. They can tell their followers they have killed many Americans whilst none may have been harmed. The only problem being if there is any US or coalition casualties on the air base attack. They are used to missiles flying back and forth on a daily basis. I think any response by the US will be limited as they have to respond in some way. They can't not respond in some form. Iran Tasnim News Agency reported: "We've been informed that US helicopters are evacuating the wounded and killed personnel from Ain Assad" - likely propaganda. "missiles were tracked by radar, allowing personnel at the base to take cover before they hit", dod officials say Whitehouse says no additional written statements tonight and Pence, Pompeo etc have gone home to bed. If there was any US casualties I can't see that happening. Would not be surprising if the missile launches were for show, aimed slightly off, or had reduced payloads, etc. Regime wants and needs to save face but knows it can't actually escalate against US.
  7. Iran has launched ballistic missiles at iraqi bases. Update 1 - now hearing these missiles are confirmed fired from Iranian territory Update 2 - now hearing Erbil was hit as well not confirmed Update 3 - IRGC statement: "We warn all allied countries of the US that if attacks are launched from bases in their countries on Iran, they will be a target of military retaliation." Update 4 - Us source “Under missile attack from Iran. These are either cruise missiles or short range ballistic missiles. All over the country.” Update 5 - IRGC "We call on Americans to recall all their soldiers back home to prevent more damage." Attacks were timed around 1.20 am exact same time Soleimani was killed Update 6 - reports that US airplanes have taken off from UAE. IRGC has already warned that if US launches attacks from UAE then UAE becomes legitimate target for retaliation. Fire and Fury coming down on Iran shortly Update 7 - "Statement of IRCG: rough translation "In no way does the Zionist regime in these crimes apart from the American criminal regime" - Looks like Iran trying to get Israel involved too. I expect Irans nuclear facilities to be bombed by the morning Update 8 - Norwegian military confirms "several strikes hit" al-Asad and states no reports of hurt Norwegians. 70 stationed there. Update 9 - Some news sources report that 80 US troops were killed by the IRGC missiles. US sources: 35 missiles fired at al-Assad base - I'm guessing 80 isn't accurate as all legit news agencies say 13 missiles not 35. just posting stuff i see everything unconfirmed until you hear it from DOD. Update 10 - US Warplanes have taken flight from Al-Dhafra and Incirlik Airbases in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. I dont see Iran bombing Turkey that would be suicide...more than it already is. Update 11- media close to IRGC has already stated that revenge will not be limited to one action, not be limited geographically, must have strategic result Update 12 -"If the United States attacks a part of Iran, the Second Wave of missile strikes will begin" - Assume this is already going to happen as the US has launched a counterstrike on Iran from multiple bases Update 13- Immediate //// The second wave of Iranian missile attacks on US bases begins Update 14 - Somebody saying iran hacked a US drone to oversee the missile strikes, not sure if its true. Drone reported crashed and US destroyed second UAV. Report american jet on fire at the airbase. Update 15 - Al-Mayadeen sources in Iraq claim some planes/hardware are burning inside U.S base which came under attack Update 16 - No Danish soldiers injured: Danish Armed Forces. someone said no damage at Erbil Update 17 - Somebody said the base holds 4000 troops. Update 18 - Iranian jets in the air. Some missiles fell in Iranian territory and didnt reach the Iraqi base Update 19 - Video of 5 missiles from an Iraqi just outside the base https://streamable.com/vs4fv Update 20 - There are casualties among the Iraqis at Ain al-Asad airbase following the attack early Wednesday local time, an Iraqi security source tells CNN. Update 21 - Lebanon is reportedly dark. Electricity was cut everywhere. Update 22 - The Iraqi PMF announces the start of the "overwhelming response" military operation. Update 23 - CNN: preparations being made for Trump to address the nation Update 24 - Lots of reports that the Iranian Air Force is now in Iraqi airspace. Update 25 - Iranian missile attack resulted in casualties among Iraqis only — Pentagon - apparently they only killed their allies the Iraqi's - Not confirmed yet Update 26 - US RETALIATION IS UNDERWAY ACCORDING TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES Update 27 - Iran threatens that Hezbollah will strike Israel if US retaliates, Iran's state-linked media Tasnim reports. NBC - Iran is warning that if there is retaliation for the two waves of attacks they launched their 3rd wave will destroy Dubai and Haifa. Update 28 - FOX News has learned there are “no U.S. casualties” from Iran’s missile strike targeting American forces in Iraq, a U.S. military official in Baghdad tells Fox News. The U.S. military’s damage assessment continues, the official added. Update 29 - Iranian planes in the air likely to avoid being destroyed on the ground I don't think they went to Iraq. Fire and fury on the way I suspect. The Iranian regime has been threatening to destroy the USA and Israel, every day for 40 years now. They dare not hit UAE because Saudi Arabia, UAE and the Peninsula Shield Force (+ Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman) will join forces with Israel and the USA. Iran has zero allies.
  8. Considering the reference to "cultural sites" is where Iran hides it's nuclear capabilities and military capabilities and are used to stage attacks, then yes. Absolutely. The Iranian government and military hides their nuclear research facilities and weapons in areas that they themselves have designated “cultural sites” in order to protect them from bombing. We can see whose side you are on Halibut. Do you think Islamist's care about cultural heritage? Take a look at all they purposely destroyed in Syria and elsewhere. The same guys were dynamiting 4000 year old Babylon, and Assyrian temples. They blew up the two giant Bhudda statues. Sadly most terrorists hide under hospitals, schools, etc . That's why your hero Obama blew up so many, because they targeted the mobile phone they were carrying. I missed your outrage then though. For the less educated out there who just want to wake up and be in a state of perpetual outrage at something let's just put it in simple easy words for you....... The "52 targets" are oil fields and missile sites and senior leaders.
  9. Iran already makes people pay for standing against them. Anywhere in a civilised society this would be front page news. Obviously orange man bad and let's support the slaughter of women. https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2019/12/iran-thousands-arbitrarily-detained-and-at-risk-of-torture-in-chilling-post-protest-crackdown/ https://women.ncr-iran.org/2020/01/05/names-of-15-women-among-the-new-list-of-martyrs-of-iran-protests/ There are video's that I won't link to of them pulling bodies from the water. But the US kills one terrorist that has killed hundreds of innocents and the left has outrage? Take a look at what's trending on twitter at the moment. Just take a moment to venture outside the bubble and see what real life is. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23IraniansDetestSoleimani&src=typeahead_click
  10. This is a nothing-burger. It’s a non binding vote. Doesn’t mean much at all. The Iraqi parliament voted to “ask” the Iraqi government to end the security agreement with the US, end the presence of foreign troops and the international coalition’s mandate against ISIS, even in Iraqi air space “for whatever reason.” Passing the buck to the government. Not binding. And the Kurds and Sunnis were absent so only 170 out of 328 members were present. Money talks. They get half a billion a year from the US and the US isn't leaving anytime soon unless they choose to do so. I wish they were. Leave them to it. Can't help a nation that won't help itself. All they are threatening is to make Trumps day!! He would love to pull all the troops out and leave them to it.
  11. Its enough when you live in a fairy tale land that the world is full of nice people. If anyone thinks that Iran will go to war with the number one military superpower in the world they need their head looking at. Iran has been chanting death to America and the UK for decades. Not a single country will align themselves with Iran. I think they are intelligent enough to understand that any attack from them will be met with massive retaliation from America. Is this what world war 3 looks like? https://www.reuters.com/article/iraq-security-blast-iran/iran-to-take-international-legal-measures-against-u-s-for-soleimanis-killing-tv-idUSL1N298105 And LOL impeachment. I want some of these peach mints they throw around in the Democrat party. They still have traitors in the white house leaking to the press. Why would they trust anyone. They still managed to leak it to the New York Times who even tried to warn him. Unfortunately no one reads their BS anymore. Not even terrorists. Note the time stamp, written the day before. He Probably couldn't get a direct contact to warn his friends in time. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/02/opinion/hypersonic-missiles.html Jan. 2, 2020 By Steven Simon. Mr. Simon worked on Middle East policy in the Clinton and Obama administrations. There will be sabre rattling from both sides but nothing will happen. The ayatollahs will be secretly glad the most powerful threat to them has been removed and will use it as a base to try and rally around the government as the country has been having massive protests against their wealth. It's ironic that Suleimani's body was carried in an American made Chevrolet truck, guarded by Iraqi's kitted out in American made uniforms and American weapons all the while the crowd chanting death to America. Soleimani had been designated and sanctioned by the UN, European Union, and United States and is banned from international travel (including Iraq) by United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231. He wasn't in Baghdad for a holiday when he met with other terrorists by the airport. Tweets that aged badly. (Ironically the great leader uses Twitter but bans it for the rest of the nation)
  12. They just took out another convoy of Shia Militia leaders about an hour ago. Hezbollah leader confirmed dead. If I were an Iranian proxy leader in Iraq right now, I'd probably stay indoors. Or in a bunker. Remember their have been plenty of opportunities for Trump to escalate from the downing of drones to seizing tankers. He did actually say harm an American and heads will roll. They tested this and lost. Embassies are treated as sovereign soil. They won't allow another Benghazi. Now I wonder who planned that attack? (see link below) You cannot attack an American Embassy and think no reprisals will be done. The belongings of Suleimani show he was carrying multiple currencies including Syrian Pounds and Lebonese pounds and had popped up in Baghdad to coordinate the attacks on the American embassy after visiting Syria and Lebanon. I think Israel had eyes on him constantly. https://nypost.com/2014/06/20/how-irans-spy-chief-paid-for-the-benghazi-attack/ Words sometimes mean nothing to people. Only force does. There are videos all over twitter of Iraqis and Iranians in the streets cheering.
  13. LOL. Jo "I will ignore democracy" Swinson gets smacked in the face by democracy. What a joke she was. Possible Prime Minister 🤣. Tonight has been hilarious. Can't wait to hear all about how this was actually the Russians. There is a lot of salt on social media tonight. Mainly from people who live in a bubble and only interact with people that think their way. In reality they have absolutely no clue what goes on in wider society. 4-0 for Brexit I make it. Democracy won tonight. Democracy hating parties lost. Conservatives officially over the line with 327 seats as of 5.07am with more to declare👏👏👏. Time for bed.
  14. What did the mainstream media try to hide I wonder. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
  15. You love him really. Do you want me to buy you a MAGA hat? Then maybe you could work towards being a billionaire with a supermodel wife and stop being angry all the time. Just 5 more years to go. Why Trump won and why he will win again from Shark Tanks Kevin O’Leary
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