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  1. I have never said there will be a recession. I said even complete morons can give a prediction when it happens repeatedly in the past. I seem to remember the same morons saying there will be a great depression if Trump won in 2016. https://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/donald-trump-wall-street-effect-markets-230164 They are scaremongers who get stupid and gullible people to believe them. They have a president who they cannot pin anything on and cannot bribe. They are terrified. They know the one thing people do vote on though is the economy. They will keep it up with the raayyyycist narrative and attack the economy. The 2 things that utterly terrify Democrats is a strong economy for an incumbent president and the minority vote. They will attack both consistently until the next election. They have zero polices on what they can appeal to normal people for. Only for socialists who want to steal everyone else's money. The Obama thing is just for Magilla who says everything good about the economy is "Obama built that" and everything bad that happens is Trumps fault. He knows Obama was useless. https://thefederalist.com/2019/08/16/blaming-every-bad-economic-indicator-trade-war-just-proves-dont-know-youre-talking/
  2. Because there is never a recession every 30 years is there, or about every 10 years ...... It's almost like they are Nostradamus. It's almost as if the media are trying to manufacture a recession because they absolutely can't get Trump on anything else. The long-term borrowing rate for return on investment dropped momentarily lower than the short-term borrowing rate of return on investment because massive numbers of foreign investors were rushing to buy long-term U.S. bonds. Yes, a ‘negative yield curve’ is what happens when everyone wants to buy bonds in a long-term economy. There weren’t enough long-term bonds to fill the demand of those who wanted to purchase them. So the return rate of interest dropped because there was no need to have an incentive to sell them….because everyone wants them. So the yield drops, because the U.S. doesn’t need to incentivise the sale… because everyone is lining up to buy them. The Treasury bond buyout is due to capital flight from the EU and China to the US. Because the US dollar is strong. If you are a pension manager or Fund manager or run a mutual fund and you are bound to have 30-50 % of your asset allocation in bonds. Would you buy the 10 year U.S. Treasury paying 1.6% or the German government yielding a negative -0.65% which means you would get back $£999.35 /per £1000 face value. I know which one I would buy as an investor. So as I I understand it the absolutely debunked Russian conspiracy theory hoax in which people will go to jail over is now fact to Liberals ... 🤣🤣🤣 How is the Mueller enquiry going for the idiots in Congress anyway!! It's really strange how the recession ended in June 2009 yet you always fail to mention in your "Obama built that - unless it's bad then it's Trumps fault" that Obama benefitted from record levels of quantitative easing and record lows from the Fed on interest rates yet they have raised them 7 times under Trump. Strange that.
  3. Is this like the Russian conspiracy theory you love so much? Didn't you tell everyone for the last 2 years that Obama was responsible for the economy? Or were you a little liar?
  4. Drone footage of FBI raiding pedo Island. Epstein also apparently had a painting of Bill Clinton in a dress in his New York mansion. Titled "Devil in a Blue Dress." It's a real painting. Whether it was in Epsteins house I do not know. It's being reported by the media that it was but I don't trust the media. Jeffrey Epstein was confident he could fight the child sex trafficking charges against him and was in “great spirits” just hours before his jailhouse death on Saturday morning — even telling one of his lawyers, “I’ll see you Sunday,” https://nypost.com/2019/08/14/jeffrey-epsteins-last-words-to-lawyer-before-his-jailhouse-death/ A man who could bring down some of the most powerful people in the world and one of the most high profile prisoners in the system... Had Gaurds Sleeping... Falsified Logs..... Cameras not working.... Able to commit suicide even though there was supposedly nothing to commit suicide with as they had paper sheets that are non weight bearing. Even Mexico could release a video of El Chapo escaping within 24 hours. Oh and the autopsy found broken bones in his neck. Google actively censoring search results. Not surprising as the new project Veritas whistle-blower came out yesterday with hundreds of internal algorithms that they actively censor search results. They need breaking up. The Clintons have not been exonerated yet of this crime. I Think a special council should investigate them for at least 3 years. They should work out how public servants now have a fortune of $300 Million dollars. 😮
  5. Ordinarily I would be against any kind of interference. But as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reddit etc now decide what is allowable or not on their platforms they should cease to have safe harbour laws and become a publisher like any newspaper and can be sued like any newspaper. If they decide what is allowable or not they are not a content provider or just merely a platform they are a publisher. The Safe Harbour laws were designed for Internet platforms to moderate “offensive” speech. Not to pick and choose content they do not like because it does not fit their narrative. Do you think anything would have to be brought against them if they did their job as they are supposed to? In 1995, a judge found "Prodigy" an early online service, liable for content on its message boards because the company had advertised that it removed obscene posts. That made it a publisher more than a platform or library as it was back then. Congress then enacted Section 230. This stated platforms could not be held liable as publishers of user-generated content. However this provision does not allow platforms to remove whatever they wish as they do now. They need to choose what they are and quick. Either a platform who can ONLY remove offensive or hate speech or a publisher who can remove whatever they like. They have been protected by law and I think that law should be taken away from them unless they change their ways sharpish. They one thing they can’t claim is that Section 230 immunity is necessary to protect free speech, whilst they shape, control, and censor the speech on their platforms. If as some people claim they are a private company and can publish and remove what they want then that's fine. Remove all protections they have that have benefited them becoming multi billionaires and treat them as the publishers they are. By the way the bill has nothing whatsoever to do with blocking free speech. It's about enforcing it.
  6. You just believed and pushed a Russian conspiracy theory for 3 years I'm not sure you should be telling anyone they are gullible 😏 .... In addition to the Kavanaugh smear campaign that you fully believed!!!!! Please show me a link to a trump email list to control a narrative - or are you just a conspiracy theorist? Conspiracy theory to the left = anything they don't like to hear. After the mainstream media has pushed conspiracy theories for 3 years straight they now say "President Trump pushes conspiracy theory". They must own the tinfoil production factories somewhere. The fact that 99.9% of the world predicted something that was predictable - that a high profile prisoner with deep links to the highest of high society and government - would die in prison - is now a "conspiracy theory" 🤣 I'll take 3 years of it before anyone can tell me otherwise. 😉 The very same people who want gun control and then tell the world that America is run by super Hitler and all his followers are white nationalists and the Government literally has concentration camps on the border and cannot keep even the highest of high profile prisoners safe - but want everyone to give up their guns..... I just want to see who is on those tapes they took from his flat and Island. I care not if it's Trump or Prince Andrew. If anyone has been diddling little girls they should be exposed and punished. I don't think Trump is worried the way he is retweeting everything forcing the media to report on it. Full Epstein docs that were released for anyone remotely interested. Relevant Trump bit so you don't have to crawl through it. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6250471-Epstein-Docs.html
  7. Let's try and control the narrative LOL. Panic setting in from lefties. All coming from a lefty bot farm in California. Panic time.
  8. I'm just going to take a wild guess and say you have not read any of the unsealed documents. Trump is named take a look haha. Serious question. Are you on the mailing list for Shareblue? The liberal activist website. Funny how they sent an emergency email around that has been leaked as soon as news of Epsteins suicide was released. It wouldn't surprise me if quite a few of you were on that mailing list. Russian collusion anyone? Anyone?
  9. The Clinton body count keeps rising. Now Bill Clinton will not have have to testify how many times he visited Pedo Island on the Lolita Express (he is listed 26 times on the flight logs). Epstein claimed he helped create the Clinton foundation in 2007. I just hope all those tapes that the police took from Pedo Island and his New York flat don't disappear. Strange how this happens the day after prominent Democrats are named in the unsealed documents yesterday in a prominent Democrats district (Jerry Nadler). Something smells fishy and it's not just one of Bill Clinton's cigars.
  10. No idea why my post was removed because it was not attacking or insulting anyone. But again that makes it okay because he said sorry. Obama accepted his endorsement. The same man used the n word live on TV in 2001. This guy wasn't just in the KKK, he started a local chapter. He was their leader. He recruited 150 people into it. It was not just a fleeting association with it. When it came time to elect the top officer (Exalted Cyclops) in the local Klan unit, Byrd won unanimously. This wasn't just, "Oh, well, I fell into the wrong crowd." He created the crowd. He voted against the Civil Rights Act of 64, when he was on his 40's. It's not fair to say his ignorance was limited to his youth. He might've left the KKK in 1947 when he was 30, but he was still a racist for decades. Let's flip that and pretend it was a Republican. There would be a media FRENZY to get it out to the world. World leaders would be along condemning it and demanding them removed from office. Let's see Trump endorse a former KKK member and say "it's fine he said he was sorry". I am certain the media would say "pack it up boys he said sorry, nothing to see here". Just one of the many reasons Republicans just ignore the left because they are the biggest hypocrites of all. The same left who constantly bring up things from anyone's past and vilify them because they say people don't change. The same Democrats who tried to destroy a man's life last year over being nominated for the Supreme court for something he did not do and they had exactly zero evidence for over 30 years ago because as the Democrats said at the time "people don't change". Democrats are a running joke. They are the party of racists and slavery and nothing will change that. But he said sorry so it's fine....
  11. Of course. That massive republican Hilary Clinton kissing Robert Byrd.... When he passed away Hilary said "Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd." I'd like to emphasise the word mentor. The last presidential candidate for the Democrats described a KKK member as her mentor. The Democrats which had a Known KKK Leader as a Majority Whip in the 70's, and was a sitting Senator until 2009. But the parties switched right!!!!!
  12. That's strange .... From wikipedia Professional career[edit] Swain received tenure as an associate professor of politics and public policy at Princeton University.[4][5][7] From 1999 to 2017, she taught political science and law at Vanderbilt University.[4][7] She retired from her post at Vanderbilt in 2017.[8] Did I say anywhere at all that it was or wasn't?!?!?!? Please post what was factually incorrect about it. So black people can not have a different political view from you or try to run for office? I'm sure there's a word for that. Raci.......it will come to me. Those pesky black people getting above their station, is that what you meant? I honestly did not know it was a prerequisite to attach a full political bio and history to every post. Thank you for pointing that out I will endear to point it out on every post on the forum. God forbid a black Christian Conservative having critical views on a different religion. What was she thinking having her own thoughts on Islam after a terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo. You have proved exactly zero of what was said was wrong. Dazzle me with facts. The Democrats try to convince their party to not only overlook 140 years of history of their slavery and racism, but to completely hate, despise, and reject the party that actually liberated them. Racism is abysmal, but falsely accusing others of racism is abysmal too. There were still racist Democrats well into the 1960's, including Lyndon B. Johnson, a public racist Democrat who was outspoken about signing the civil rights movement to "get them stupid n------'s votin' democrat for them next two hundred years". That's actually what he said right before he signed the Civil Rights Act "to prevent them n-----'s from gettin' too uppity 'dese days". The Civil Rights Act was written by a Republican Senator. Martin Luther King Jr. AND Rosa Parks, two prominent civil rights activists, who were registered voting Conservative Republicans. The only "switch" that happened was when Johnson signed the bill into law, he made Dr. King promise to get his followers to vote democrat. Which they did, only to lose to Nixon. They offered the black community the modern day form of slavery in exchange for their vote. Today in America they call it welfare.
  13. I'm sorry you were sold a myth Annie. Let's listen to Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University . There was never a flip. The modern democrats are just as obsessed with race as at any time in history. They are the party of slavery after all. And for anyone who wants to watch another great video from her.... If you dislike it you must be racist. those are the lefty rules right?
  14. Halibut!! You must have forgotten to condemn Barack Hussein Obama II when he was putting kids in cages and separating them from their parents. I would say that automatically makes you a white supremacist because you did not condemn it. "We are a nation of laws. Undocumented workers broke our laws and I believe they must be held accountable. Especially those who may be dangerous. That's why over the last 6 years deportations of criminals are up 80% and we are going to keep focusing on threats to our security." From your favourite president. - Barack Hussein Obama II. You will be buying pillows and cutting eye holes out soon just as the Democratic party did when they founded the KKK. So many white supremacist racists on here not condemning Obama. I don't know how you sleep at night with all the racist thoughts running through your heads.
  15. If this was a law or even just a practise that law enforcement followed then surely it was around when Barack Hussein Obama II was president and the Democrats controlled both the house and the senate and passed the laws as they saw fit. By your logic then all democrats and lefties are massive racists somehow for allowing this and not doing anything about it. Disgusting racists on the left for supporting this law. Disgraceful.
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