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  1. What did the mainstream media try to hide I wonder. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
  2. You love him really. Do you want me to buy you a MAGA hat? Then maybe you could work towards being a billionaire with a supermodel wife and stop being angry all the time. Just 5 more years to go. Why Trump won and why he will win again from Shark Tanks Kevin O’Leary
  3. BREAKING NEWS They had their best investigative teams working on this. Whatever would the left do without the media fact checking memes for them. It is just a joke of a profession at this point. I thought the media couldn’t get any stupider.. I was wrong.
  4. Imagine a world where the left defends a man who oversaw the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, who used children as suicide bombers, who threw hundreds of gay people off buildings, who tortured people for fun, whose followers have raped tens of thousands of women, who taught children as young as 5 years old how to behead people, a man who owned sex slaves ..... That's the world we are living in right now. Their blind hatred of Trump will not allow them to see reality or think logically. They are now saying Baghdadi was not a coward because he blew himself and his children up!! What planet do they live on. They will be telling us how Hitler was just a struggling confused artist next. Good Doggy.
  5. Still all wearing your tin foil hats I see!!! After everything you have all been wrong about you still all believe the crap in the media. Only another 5 years to go don't worry. Then Trump Jr can take over for another 8 years. I wonder how that impeachment is going to work out for you all!! The whistle blowers are known - their names are all over Twitter - and have known strong ties to Adam shifty Schiff. The republicans know everything about them already. Yet another failed Democrat hoax. I bet you all believe Hunter Biden was deserving of his $83000 a month job on the board of Burisma with zero qualifications or experience as well. The man who slept with his dead brothers wife and smokes crack was a top choice. No corruption here but let's not look because it does not fit the illiberal narrative. In Syria Trump has said what he would do all along and pull America away from global wars. Now you all love wars!! You just prefer other people dying on your behalf. You all seem to hate America but want their soldiers to defend the world. Why would America defend the kurds against a NATO ally? You want them to secure a border in a foreign land then lambast and vilify anyone who wants a secure American border. By isolating Erdogan he played it out perfectly. The Kurds immediately signed agreements with the Syrians and Russians and the Syrian Army is moving to defend the border. Erdogan is now urgently asking for the U.S. to mediate peace negotiations with Kurdish forces after economic sanctions were imposed. Turkey has no allies versus Syria, the Kurds and Russia. Not a single European country will help them. But that must be Trumps fault right? Wait, what? America can act to defend the Kurds without spending American blood? Trump must literally be Hitler. Erdogan has asked President Trump for help, Not from the UN, not from NATO, not from EU and not from the Democrats. Why would that be? because these organizations, and countries don’t care, because Erdogan doesn’t want sanctions, because Erdogan is about to find himself in a war without help. The Turks knew once a battle hardened Syrian army stepped up to the plate they would be in trouble. And a battle hardened Kurd army as well. Double trouble with no help forthcoming and sanctions to boot. Trump gave Erdogan enough rope to hang himself, which he did. A lot of reports coming in that Kurds are taking back some areas. The Turkish invasions into Syrian territory always were spearheaded by Islamist type proxies with the help of the Turkish air force. With the Syrian army advancing into the Kurd territories there’s basically a no fly zone established as Russia protects the Syrians and Turkey wont engage with Russia. Take it from former Democrat Senator Harry Reid. https://www.theepochtimes.com/harry-reid-warns-democrats-trump-is-a-very-smart-man_3115772.html You should all leave the geopolitics to the real men and go and stop traffic for extinction rebellion in the wicker or whatever most of you waste your time doing. I don't visit here often as I thought you had all learned a lesson that you had been wrong for years. You have all been full blown conspiracy theorists for nigh on 3 years and still not learned a single thing. I don't post this for the liberals on here, I post this for the lurkers who may come here once in a while. The normal people. Oh and If only there were a catchy phrase to describe misinformation presented as fact to advance a false narrative by the news. I'll ask Trump for one. Fake news maybe or something like that. He has every reason to call them out constantly. They are disgusting. Lets advance the narrative that all the liberal sheep will believe though. They know they are not the brightest bunch though and will believe anything. Knob Creek shoot. Kentucky. America. ABC NEWS showing the above video as actual footage of Turkish military invading Syria. It was only 7000 miles away. They conveniently edited out all the cell phones at the bottom. That’s right. Just look at this video from a Kentucky gun range Syria. Side by side.
  6. A general election is the epitome of democracy. If you don’t trust Boris to obey the law, they should have supported a general election so that he isn’t the PM going to Brussels. If you or the opposition actually believed what you say we wouldn't hear a peep for the next 5 weeks because everything is rosy and Boris is trapped. Instead I expect extreme frothing at the mouth and screeching as per normal from remainers because they don't actually believe Boris is trapped at all. Why do they think that denying democracy will win remain more support? Surely all remainers cannot be that stupid? MP's who campaigned to respect the referendum result and now voting against it have been exposed as liars elected on a lie. It seems no one has learned anything from the rise of Trump who will have another 5 years in power. Remember all Boris needs to do is run the clock out if there is no deal. 5 weeks less for the opposition to block him and now a vote of no confidence has no time to remove him before the deadline. Game set and match.
  7. It was Fun!! The only shafting happening in the Bercow household is done by his cousin. The best bit was Boris saying he will not seek an extension at all!! The opposition are utterly terrified he has found a loophole. Also great to see the Liberal idiot undemocrats saying they want a second referendum whilst completely ignoring the first one with 2 questions on it. Remain or remain. If there were an option to leave without a deal and that won they have said they will refuse to abide by another referendum if it supported leaving the EU. Very very democratic. Bunch of lunatics. I liked the moment that Ian Blackford was reminded that more people in Scotland voted for Brexit that voted for the SNP and was laughed at. Everyone says the public have changed their mind and then are terrified to let the public vote. 😂 This ex Labour MP says it all about the current Labour Party. Anyone want to refute him? They can play this on repeat in all Labour areas.
  8. The Act defines “emergency” as just about anything the authorities may dislike. Take your pick. Remainer's are an extreme danger to democracy at the minute. Trump also has friends in Europe who hold a veto over any extension. Poland anyone!! 😂 You have gone quiet on Trump lately. Almost like you were a bunch of conspiracy theorists who were wrong on everything!! Tomorrow will be fun!!
  9. One of the first laws of politics is never to give yourself more power than you would like the other side to have. Labour broke this rule in 2004, when it passed this act. Can you imagine the irony if it was used against them.
  10. He can fall back on this .... The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2004/36/part/1 And then the government can rule by decree. Do you all think Boris and Cummings don't have at least something up their sleeve? With the above law (Thank Tony Blair) - Triggering the Act requires no more than “a senior Minister of the Crown”—that is, Boris Johnson—to announce an Emergency. This done, he can make, alter or suspend almost any law he likes. He can do this for a period of thirty days. He can then suspend the Fixed Term Parliament Act. Then he could dissolve Parliament in the traditional way. General election anyone?
  11. Probably because Brussels is backing down on the backstop and seeing Boris surge in the Polls.
  12. I think their will be lots of Liberal tears tomorrow when Boris just completely ignores the Bill and suspends parliament. Apparently they have found a way to bypass it. They will apparently ask for a general election tomorrow and if denied, suspend parliament immediately. We can only wait and see. I can't see Boris telling the House of Lords to stand down filibustering the Bill if they did not already have a way around it.
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