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Which TV / Broadband / Phone package ? Doing my head in !


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I am moving house

Currently have an old expensive BT broadband and phone and a sky TV package with sports.

We dont game or download much but use email and surf quite a bit and upload to F/book and Ebay

We hardly use the landline for calls at all .

I cant decide whether to go for a Sky package or a BT package . Virgin cant provide TV in the area we are moving to.

BT are offering Unlimited TV . unlimited broadband with Sky sports 1 and 2 and ESPN and unlimited calls for about the same price as Sky with the sports but not ESPN and Sky Lite Broadband of 2MB [which I am not sure is enough] and unlimited phone calls .


BT say all we need is a working line and an aerial whilst Sky need to send an engineer


Totally unsure what to do and would welcome comments

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With regards the internet...


For your usage, a small plan will suffice - high speed infinity (which I am assured by a few friends is amazing...but told by others that it isn't) will be pointless unless you download a lot of stuff, and/or game. BT Total, or a small package from Sky would be enough. As for who with, it is swings and roundabouts. Many people will tell you BT are good, many will say Sky are good, and at the same time there will be those who have bad experiences on both sides (there have been many threads through the years on experiences with providers).


I think, for yourself, you should ask yourself what you want TV wise. Sky offer a load more package wise, and stations like Sky Atlantic are exclusive to Sky (and is also possibly the best station to have ever been created, being that it shows a great deal of HBO product).


Have a look through what the stations offered on BT are like compared to Sky. If you don't feel you would benefit from those Sky offers, then stick with BT. If you feel that Sky's TV deal is stronger, go with them. Just consider the internet supply as an extra.

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I have Sky, and had the 2mb, I don't do much on the internet at all really, nothing like watching Youtube vids etc except occasionally, and I always went over!


Also, Sky customer service, I think is rubbish. I had a Direct Debit set up for the first month, then I cancelled it with the bank, and made every payment by card, and was actually in credit, due to paying them a set amount weekly, which I prefer over a DD. They randomly cut me off one day, and said I wouldn't get reconnected until I set up a new Direct Debit. I tried to tell them I couldn't have DD from my bank, the bank wouldn't allow it (not actually a lie, I have 2 accounts, one doesn't do DD).


They told me that unless I set up direct debit, my services wouldn't be reconnected, so I asked to speak to a manager, and he agreed, that even though I had never missed a payment, and was in credit, my service would not resume without a DD. I gave in in the end and set one up, and I still pay weekly and keep it in credit, but to tell me I would be without services even though I was more than up to date, and would still have to pay due to being under contract, I think its shocking.

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