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  1. Killing Zoe wasn't written by Tarantino. Roger Avary wrote and directed the film. Tarantino was an executive producer.
  2. Sad news. Genuinely nice guy (or at least that's how he came across). Had quite a few dialogue exchanges with him online, including some private messaging on Twitter (Cheggers followed me on Twitter - I think we bonded over a love of terrible puns). Was quite an important figure in my childhood - from Swap Shop to Cheggers Plays Pop. 60 is such a young age to go.
  3. I'm not sure about Life Story, but Fools and Horses was made for TVs which were 4:3 in ration (not widescreen ones). So of course it won't fill the screen on modern TVs, and instead will have black bars on either side - if you want to I'm sure your TV will allow you to resize it to fit, but that will result in a stretched imaged (making everyone look a little bit overweight). The same will be true of other Gold stuff - they were simply made in the old aspect ratio. Showing them with bars either side is the correct way to do it.
  4. Sad loss. Introduce Yourself and We Care A Lot were a brilliant pair of albums. Anne's Song is a particular favourite track, along with Arabian Disco.
  5. That was actually last time around, but he was granted a new set of regenerations (number unspecified) in The Time of the Doctor (Matt Smith's final episode). That episode also clarified what I had speculated for a few years - that when David Tennant regenerated into himself, that was actually a regeneration, so he was effectively the 11th and 12th Doctor. The War Doctor (John Hurt) was the actual 9th Doctor, moving Eccelstone and the rest along one place (although to prevent confusion they still refer to him as 9th, Tennant as 10th, etc).
  6. Not that hard to find figures http://www.barb.co.uk/viewing-data/weekly-top-30/ Just enter the criteria of 25th January 2015 - BBC2 Viewing figures for season opener for the final year with Jezza and the gang. Can work from there, or just use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Top_Gear_episodes#cite_note-BARB10-5 to see the work done for you (which you can verify by putting all the dates in the aforementioned link yourself if you are disbelieving of Wikipedia) Curiously, your rebuttal didn't actually do anything to prove your claim that figures were dropping as you referenced 2013 opener, yet neglected that following seasons did better, thus were climbing again. Series 20 in 2013 was more just a blip in a generally consistent average.
  7. The facts would beg to disagree with that assumption. They were pretty much on par with previous years (an average of 6.49 million which was the highest it has been since 2009), and were better than anything before 2007 (which was under 5 million per episode).
  8. Because Trek has always had plot-holes in it, and the Original Series is a terrible mess of continuity - however, it has a sense of fun to it, which allows us to look beyond the story flaws. Oh, and JJ didn't direct, so the lens flare is not his doing.
  9. Cheers (and he's still lurking around from time to time....just not very often)
  10. I rarely play CoD, Fifa, etc, and generally can be found playing games such as Warframe, Elder Scrolls Online, and a plethora of indie games (from Resogun, to Rocket League, and more recently Helldivers and Dead Star).
  11. Which Yanks would that be, exactly? Eon Productions (the British company who make the films)? Purvis and Wade (the two British writers who have drafted the screenplays for each film since The World Is Not Enough)? Maybe Sam Mendes (the Berkshire born English director who directed the last two film)? Bond, despite being financed by an American company (MGM) has always been a British production.
  12. I'm a huge fan of single take sequences, and that was a stunning opening segement, moving from the bustle of the crowds, through streets, hotel, lift, room, balcony, rooftop! Amazing set piece, followed by a thrilling helicopter sequence. Really enjoyed the rest of the film too, loving the nods and winks to the old films, but can understand why it doesn't resonate with others. I think the main flaw is that the pre-credit sequence is so well done that the rest of the film doesn't quite match up to it. Also, the opening titles sequence was great (although I did plug my ears and hum the theme to "You Only Live Twice" rather than listen to Sam bleeding Smith), but it did go a bit tentacle-hentai at parts and could have been an opening scene from Urotsukidoji
  13. The Warriors got added a few days ago. That's on my viewing list for tonight. Great film.
  14. As someone in his 40s already I can't see me suddenly tiring of escapist, comic book movies in a few years time, and do know a fair few folk in their late 40s and early 50s who loved it. At the same time I know of a larger percentage of people under 30 who hated it - seriously hated it. Believe it or not many of us have been collecting comics for decades, having started in either the golden age of comics or silver age and lap this stuff up. We were the ones who suffered the mocking for our love of comics as kids so that these films today would get made and be so popular today
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