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Anyone up for a few games of snooker / pool?

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May seem like a bit of a strange request, but are there people on this forum who'd be up for meeting for a few games of pool/snooker. It's something I used to play when I was younger (although a bit rusty now :hihi:) and am lookign to get back into it. However, for various reasons (family/kids/lack of interest) my current social circle aren't up for a few racks. Just wondered if anyone else was interested in meeting up for a knockabout.


Thanks for reading :D

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If anyone's interested in arranging a meeting for games of pool I work in a sports and social club with a nice pool table and if at least 10 are interested I'm happy to organise a knockout game monday or Wednesday nights for you all


Pm me or give me a ring on 07972 233276 and I can sort it. If there's enough interest might even put few sarnies on for you

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