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  1. Realise this thread is almost 3 years old. Apologies for dragging an old thread up, but would anyone be interested in getting a cinema/film meet/group going again? At the risk of sounding like billy no mates, my social circle all seem not to want to do cinema as they're busy with partners/families etc or are not generally interested in the cinema. Meeting like minded people in a similar situation would be good
  2. Can anyone tel me whether The Money Shop on Hatfield House Lane is still open please? Tried looking on their website, but can't find any information. Google is still sowing it online, but just wanted to confirm the information's not out of date before heading down there later. Thanks in advance
  3. Has anyone been to the one at the Keepmoat Doncaster? Silly question - but is it held in the car park? How's that one work?
  4. Anyone know what Halifax Road/Wadsley Bridge is like? Had to leave my car last night near Wadsley Bridge WMC and walk the rest of the way home. Don't want to go out, if it means another walk there and back because the roads are bad.
  5. I've sent an email saying I'm able to commit to this and asked for further details, but not had a response as yet saying whether you still need people to do it. Is there a specific date when people will be let know whether they are needed or not??
  6. Does anyone know of anywhere that wants empty Samsung toners and Epson inks? I know there was a post earlier on in the thread about some not taking Epson?
  7. It is quite basic, but I find it is a good little gym. Easily affordable, no contracts, not your typical what I would call 'meat head' gym. You kind of get let alone to your own devices, but if you do want a chat with the person on the next piece of equipment, they're friendly enough. Tend to have a 15 minute usage time at busy periods as well.
  8. Sorry to drag up an old thread, but would anyone be interested in an official/unofficial whatever film group? There's quite a few films I wouldn't mind going to see, but not on my own. I know I may sound like a billy no mates, but most of my friends are now married, in relationships, have kids, moved on etc, so would like to see if anyone else interested in films would like to meet up on a regular/semi regular basis.
  9. yep, would be a fab idea :P wonder if there's a market for it
  10. think they must have misinformed you. In all the times I've sold at Tesco, which is for the past couple of years, it's never been 4pm in the afternoon
  11. not sure when the next 1 is, but don't think there's any more until next year. Don't start at 4 in the afternoon, more like 6am in the morning
  12. City Auto Salvage is their name. Chambers Lane, S4. Contact number is 0114 2440808 Alternatively, try Sheff Motor Spares, Grange Lane, S5. 0114 257 0114
  13. Depends what department you're going on. Are you going on a temp contract through Blue Arrow or on a perm contract through Knowhow themselves?
  14. exactly, depends on car and what price of scrap is on that particular day. Best thing to do is look in yellow pages and call all various breakers yards
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