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  1. Have you tried local breakers yards or possibly on eBay?
  2. To be fair, I'm surprised Foxhill Medical Centre hasn't been voted one of the worst in Sheffield...
  3. Yes, as stated in previous post, tried local vets, but no help
  4. Anyone missing this cat in S6 - Foxhill area? Tried local vets, posting on Facebook/Twitter. Also been in touch with cats protection. No such luck in finding its owners. Has collar / bell. Incredibly friendly, obviously been someones cat. Photo can be found by clicking on the Twitter link
  5. forms are online now - I've just printed some off ready for when the vouchers start on Monday
  6. How much are these going up to? Can only find the link where they're showing the current prices? Unless I'm looking in the wrong place
  7. Seen this on The Venue-Stocksbridge website:- 14 March 11 April 16 May 13 June 11 July 19 September 10 October 14 November 5 December All stalls must be booked and paid for in advance- £10 per stall. Starts 9:30am for buyers- FREE Entrance. Refreshments available. If you are interested in booking a stall or would like anymore information, please contact The Venue- 0114 283892 or email deborah.frith@thevenuestocksbridge.co.uk All stalls must be booked and paid for in advance.
  8. I'm after a samsung gt-s 3350 unlocking, if anyone can help / point me in the right direction or knows of a place where I can get in unlocked.
  9. Can't comment on why Paddy Power would offer markets like that, as most of the other 'big bookies' probably wouldn't. Betting on teams keeping a clean sheet isn't seen as 'negative betting'. As for progressing on a tournament, that isn't classed as 'negative betting' for the simple reason firms will market is 'How far will x get in x competition?' 'group stages/last 16/quarter's/semi's/final'
  10. True in a lot of cases for type 2. Type 1 sometimes is hereditary, is down to a non functioning pancreas that can't produce insulin for whatever reason - usually nothing to do with eating sugar or being obese if type 1.
  11. try Sheffield Motor Spares 0114 257 0114 Inform DVLA for you as well
  12. As above really. Can anyone recommend a sandwich shop that's willing to deliver to our firm in S5? Thanks in advance
  13. 29th September 2012 - Saturday - 8am - 12 noon Car Boot, Chaucer http://www.chaucer.sheffield.sch.uk Enquiries : enquiries@chaucer.sheffield.sch.uk Headteacher : headteacher@chaucer.sheffield.sch.uk Contact by Phone : (0114) 232 2338 Contact by Fax : (0114) 231 6181 Contact by Post: Chaucer BEC Wordsworth Avenue Sheffield, UK, S5 8NH £5 for cars Free for buyers
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