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Fox Inn, Robin Lane, Beighton


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I have just been asked a very good question which I can't answer...when was the Fox Pub in Beighton opened??...have done a bit of looking and the books say that it was sometime between 1951 and 1953 because the license for the old Railway Hotel was transferred to the Fox between that time but if anyone can remember the exact time (don't need the day or hour etc.) that would be great!! - thanks!!

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SPAVS FURTHER TO YOU REQUEST Fox Inn Robin Lane opened 15/12/53 .The licence was transferred from The Railway Hotel which was near to the Beighton level crossing due to it being quiet often flooded out . I have contact with a person which was there on opening night and still uses it as his watering hole most monday nights at the young age of 80,he will look up more detail if you want them.

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hey thanks for that, I worked there until September last year so will probably have served your friend at some point but please thank him from me for the information. The current landlord wants to mark the 60th anniversary of the pub being open so it will be good to let him know that this hasn't passed.

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