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  1. any one from PYE BANK OR FIRSHILL left and went on to BURNGREAVE 1947 Sept to July 1951 I am in touch with Michel Rose , Brian Fox , John dickinson (dicko)
  2. Paul firth park road opp bowling green
  3. ring D locking 2873994 swallownest area good bloke
  4. easy quick answer and most likley cheaper make cyclist have lights fitted front and rear i was stopped many years ago by then police on foot and told to have lights fitted on my bike, I said that it was daylight his answer I might not get home before dark and it was much safer if it started to rain to have lights on the machine at all times
  5. totaly agree and something to be done about being stood (parked)_ with headlights on, olso parked on wrong side of road in dark hours taxis appear to be the worst culprits of this , also one eyed monsters from bottom of Beever Hill road to Normanton Spring tonight i oberserved 5 cars with only one h/light working while on subject cyclists with no lights , one told he did not require them now a days new law ??
  6. Tuffnells Any old drivers around 1953 -4 or 1960- 4 . Eastman, Farnall ,Collier Adams, Quinn, Hopkinson, White ( in Australia ), are few of the names i remember
  7. fitzubert My wife wonders if this was the old Deep Pits yc on city road now the petrol station she remembers Roome family and mr ironside and family who was the minister is eldest son poss Ralph ? married Pat Roome wifes maiden name June Harmston livid on Dagnham Road
  8. I wish some one would put a stop to all these calls ( goverment not much chance there) What i think about are shift worker ,, erdley people, one i care for is 94 and often is a sleep and gets disturbed and all so sick people
  9. John Judge Dorothy also had 2 brothers Les born 1917 Stan Born 1915 she thinks that you might remember Les looking at age area
  10. See Sheffield News & diss car service article
  11. L S D Motors Finchwell Road Handsworth Road opp Swordancer pub cam not fault them for last 3 years service and price
  12. I have said before there is no reason for anyone to have a knife or fire arm on the public highway ,if caught with ether 5 yrs for knife 10 for a firearm no questions asked ,as for guns join a gun club and weapons stored there
  13. I Say No To Birching But still say 5 Years for carring a knife 10 years for carring a gun no questions asked ,then find out if they have used same in a crime then extra sentance see 117
  14. Bypassblade I did not say anything about pardon move none violent in to the ex milletery camps put them under ex S/M and am sure the would not want another dose in a hurry if it was given like when i did my square bashing ex r.a.f.
  15. No to Birching barbaric Auto matic 5 years for possecion of a knife 10 years for carring a fire arm] as for places open up these closed down ex army camps ( i/e Lindholme worked) in most places better accomadation than some of the prison ( they were good enough for the service people ) and also living accommadation for staff, AS for staff offer it to the lads coming out of the services a few ex w.o staff /sgt would do a lot of good to these offenders also none violent people could be moved from prisons to make space for offenders
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