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Is a car a luxury or a necessity?

Is a car a luxury or a necessity?  

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  1. 1. Is a car a luxury or a necessity?

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If work means you need a car, then its a neccesity.


other than that its a luxury. But whats wrong with luxuries? if you want to pay for a car then pay for one. If you don't then don't, but don't keep bleating on about the price of cars because thats the cost.


It's right simple.


You're totally right. Tis quite simple.

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People choose to work in different directions from home; nothing forces them to do so.

I guess you missed my point about it being the modern economy that requires the car in order to survive.

Sure, both me and my partner could quite our professional jobs and do some shelf stacking locally, but if everyone did that the economy would collapse.

A car is still a luxury in those cases, it's something they buy in order to enable a choice they make.

You're making assumptions anyway here, how about couples who have got together after they had jobs, which previously they both lived close to. In order to live together they have to find a location that is a compromise, they didn't choose to get a car to allow them to work, they choose to get cars to allow them to live somewhere practical together.


Only if it's impossible to live near where you work, can a car be considered a necessity, and that doesn't mean what your current home/work position actually is; it means if it would always have been impossible to get into a position where home and work are close together.

I disagree, the modern economy makes the car a necessity for most families with two working adults.

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