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Is a car a luxury or a necessity?

Is a car a luxury or a necessity?  

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  1. 1. Is a car a luxury or a necessity?

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you never answered my question about the massive rise in income tax if people turned to public transport and the revenue from fuel duty dropped, would you be willing to pay more?

The government would undoubtedly want to make it up somewhere, although they could spend less on roads, responding to accidents, etc., but I'm not sure it would necessarily result in a "massive rise in income tax". You'd also have to factor in the effects less congestion in reducing the costs to businesses because delivery drivers and other commercial road users wouldn't spend so much time stuck in traffic jams.


Arguing we should all drive our cars otherwise we'll be taxed on different things instead wouldn't affect the economy overall and, for those who chose to drive less, it would likely still result in them paying less tax than those who continue to drive the same amount.

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Unfortunately some of us have the availability of a car as a requirement of our employment contract. I would happily get rid of my car, and whenever I can I use trains instead of driving for work purposes, but if I didn't have a car available for work I'd lose my job; this has been the case for the last 15 years of my employment (4 different employers). It's also the same for my husband, who he doesn't work in an industry in any way similar to mine.


I'd like to see employers being a bit more open minded and flexible about this stipulation because it seems unimaginative and a bit irresponsible

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We have 2 cars, a whopping great big Land Rover 4 x 4, and a little tiny Fiat. One for me and one for her indoors. Don't care what anyone else thinks, don't care what they cost to run, don't care about anyone other than my missus.

Cars are a necessity these days, it really is as simple as that. As for "global warming" a complete con instigated by con men/women. I don't give a fig about it.


I wonder if multi millionaires think cars are a necessity when they have fleets of them.


I'll certainly give our posters on here a wave as they stand in the cold waiting for the bus, tram, train or whatever as I sail past with the heater blowing warm air up my trouser leg.


Public transport - bah humbug.




Ah, so what you're saying is that you could use public transport but you're too snobbish to do so?


You don't say why cars are a necessity these days. You give your location as S35, which is Chapeltown, where the last I checked there are regular bus and train services. What makes you think your cars are necessities then?


(I agree with you about global warming being a con though!)

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The price of fuel is not too high, because the roads are clogged up.


If when the fuel goes up, and as a results less cars are on the road then you could argue that the cost of running a car is too high.


The cost of insurance? yes - it certainly is too high for many young people, and some are driving without insurance, so this cost can be avoided.


The only sure fire way of cutting back road usage is via increased petrol costs, yes it will hurt some people and force them off the road, but at least the roads will be less congested for everyone else.


Yes there will be alot less people going to work because its uneconomical to do so! :rolleyes:

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For me they're a luxury. I have managed all my adult life without one. Clearly they're a necessity for some, but many others use them for journeys they could easily make on foot which is both selfish and extremely lazy.


Selfish?? A bit extreme!

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