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Yahoo email- how to revert to Classic page??


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Hi all



Some time ago I clicked on the upgrade to Yahoo not realising that I had the option to stay with the Classic style page and was wondering if it's possible to go back to the Classic page- anyone know how to revert as I hate the new style page :(


I've tried going through the options but can't find a way back..


The wifes email had the same page appear to "upgrade" but when I read further there was an option to stay with the Classic page style (wish i'd read through mine before I clicked the upgrade button :(




Many thanks in advance for any help, Biggsy :)

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My main gripe is designing it so that if you click the back button it doesn't take you back say from the email to the index, it takes you totally out of the emails.


Which is why i set it up in a client, much better and easier to handle.


That's one of the things I hate too, I also dislike the symbols ie- Move selected emails to a folder, More actions for selected emails etc...


Is it easy to set up in a client??



Cheers, Biggsy :)

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